11 Times Celebrities Made Us Want to Wear Orange Lids

From soft peaches to saturated neons.

cara delevingne orange eyeshadow


For most people, orange is one of those shades in your favorite palette that never hits pan. But After seeing endless orange eyeshadow looks splashed across red carpets recently, we're convinced it's one of the most universally complimenting shades, making all skin tones and eye colors pop.

And while I initially thought it’d be a difficult look to pull off, I found myself inspired by the spectrum of different ways you can wear it—from subtle to hyper-pigmented. Whether it’s a saturated, neon-orange cream shadow or a simple, burnt-sienna bronze, you can completely make it your own (with products you might already have in your vanity, no less) and you’re guaranteed to look daring and cool. Ahead, our favorite ways celebrities have demonstrated how to pull off the orange eyeshadow trend.

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Orange Cateye

Cara Delevingne - Orange Eyeshadow

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Wear the trend like Cara Delevingne by doing something unexpected with orange shadow. Here, her makeup artist used orange shadow to create a wing—note how it goes all the way to the tail of her brow—with a stain of contrasting pink shadow around her tear ducts to make it pop. We truly appreciate a good unexpected color combination.

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Burnt Orange Smoky Eye

Saorise Ronan - Orange Eyeshadow

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Green-eyed beauty Saoirse Ronan shows us how it’s done with a subtle, burnt orange smoky eye. Achieve the look with a simple, copper-hued shadow on the creases and highlight your lid and inner eye area with lighter shadow, and finish it off with charcoal eyeliner and mascara.

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Neon Orange Shadow

Winnie Harlow - Orange Eyeshadow

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Winnie Harlow’s runway look certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re feeling bold, choose a high-pigment liquid shadow that dries matte, and keep the rest of your look relatively simple (we love how all she needed was blush, mascara, and lip-gloss). Proof that adventurous makeup looks definitely don’t have to be time-consuming. 

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All Over Lids

Marion Cotillard - Orange Eyeshadow

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Marion Cotillard makes the case for all-coral-everything with coral-pink and coral-orange eyeshadow. Try it on your own by extending your shadow above the eye crease and finishing it off with white liner on your lower lash line and black mascara. 

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Monochromatic Moment

Charlize Theron - Orange Eyeshadow

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A good monochromatic look is universally complementary, and Charlize Theron pulls it off perfectly here by employing peachy-hued eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush all for one look. Finish it off with a swipe of black mascara and voilà—monochromatic perfection.

To create a monochromatic beauty look, Byrdie editors like to use multi-sticks to get the exact same shade (be it orange or another hue) on the lips, cheeks, and lids.

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Metallic Orange

Selena Gomez - Orange Eyeshadow

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Selena Gomez is proof that all you really need to pull off the orange-eyeshadow look is glowy skin. Besides her cobalt-blue nails and out-to-there lashes, the rest of her beauty look is simple, pretty, and wearable for everyday. BRB, running out to buy an orange dress I can match my eyeshadow to.

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Saturated Shadow

Barbara Palvin - Orange Eyeshadow

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Barbara Palvin somehow makes her bright-orange eyeshadow look relatively subtle and wearable by toning down the rest of the components of her look. Use a saturated orange shadow to apply all the way to your brow bone (like Barbara), and complement it with a metallic shadow or liner under your lower lash line.

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Toned Down

AJ Odudu - Orange Eyeshadow

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AJ Odudu gives us a masterclass in subtlety here. A simple orange shadow is sometimes all you need—sweep it across your lids, and accentuate it with a darker, brown shadow on your eye crease. It’s as easy as that—and super chic. 

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Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea - Orange Eyeshadow

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Back again with the unexpected color combination, this time featuring Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea. Here, Barrenechea pairs her orange eyeshadow with a green and black contrasting cateye (likely inspired by her intricate earrings). The beauty look perfectly compliments her bright orange dress.

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Sunset Eyes

Shailene Woodley - Orange Eyeshadow

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We're calling this look Sunset Eyes™. Note how Shailene Woodley’s saturated orange shadow is more concentrated on the eyelid, then becomes softer at the wings (with what appears to be an equally pigmented-pink hue on her inner eyelids).

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Peachy Keen

Eleanor Tomlinson - Orange Eyeshadow

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British actress Eleanor Tomlinson shows us the subtlest, chicest way yet to wear orange eyeshadow if you're fair-complected. Pick a peachy hue that's similar to your skin-tone, and blend it so that it's barely there but still statement-making. Pair it with a flushed face and a pinky-nude lip color, and there you have it: glowy, gorgeous perfection.

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