25 Orange-and-Black Nail Designs You Can Wear All October Long

Festive nail art is always more fun. Non-boring nail art will never get old. Why? Well, for starters, adorning your nails with fun shades and shapes warrants so many compliments from onlookers. Whether you go all-out with your Halloween costume or not, you can get in the spooky spirit with orange-and-black nail designs. Also, hello, fall! Welcome this new season with autumnal nails. Think pumpkins, leaves, and sparkles galore.

If you're a whiz with nail art, you'll be able to re-create so many of these looks. If not, simply take them to your favorite nail artist. Either way, don't forget to snap a shot for the 'gram. Ahead, scroll through for 25 nail designs to get you excited for the spookiest season of the year.

How cute are these black French tips accentuated with pumpkins?

Pointy spiderweb nails are a definite vibe.

This orange-and-black glitter sparkle, though. 

This nail art seriously looks like a picture-book.

We love this spooky play on matte black-and-orange nails. 

Pumpkins and leaves feel so much like fall.

No matter the season, sunset nails are always a good idea.

This black-and-orange combo is giving us such New Year's feels.

The vibrant orange hue alone gives this look a beautiful burst of color, so the fun accent nail simply tops things off.

This fall nail art might as well be framed.

Okay, these orange-and-black zebra nails were just too cute not to include.

Neon orange nails just look so fun.

Autumnal nails make this season feel even cozier.

How gorgeous is this intricate design?

Another intricate orange-and-black design for the win! 

The next time I have a salon date, I'm asking for plaid nails. Who's with me?

So glam.

For Halloween this year, wear glittery skull nails if you really want to make a statement. 

Tiny black dots add such a chic factor to these simple orange nails. 

These nails look like Picasso painted them.

You can't get anymore Halloween than ombré spider nails. 

These fiery nails are the epitome of dope. 

These are cool-girl Halloween nails. 

Ring in the holiday right with these Halloween nails.

These are so moody and so, so sharp. 

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