6 Ways to Wear Opera Gloves for Maximum Drama

For those who refer to their outfits as "moments."

opera gloves

Design by Tiana Crispino

Gloves are the perfect example of an opt-in or an opt-out trend. If you're excited about them, then your options are limitless and every outfit holds the potential of being just one degree cooler with their addition. If gloves aren't for you, there really isn't a half-hearted way to try them out.

If you've established yourself in the pro-glove camp, let's talk about the features that make some gloves easier to sport than others: Material, length, and pattern/color. Wearing tulle gloves to your wrists isn't the same as wearing latex to your shoulders. Both have a place in their respective aesthetics. Stick with a material you find yourself drawn to in your everyday dressing. Leather would be a good option if you already own a leather mini and a leather jacket. Silk is great if you're seen out in a slinking slip dress. When considering length, it's important to think of the trend you're looking to hit. Opera gloves are typically 16 to 23 inches from the base of the thumb to roughly the elbow. While classically, the gloves were worn in white or black, there's no shortage of modern interpretations in muted patterns, neon, and shades in between.

Read on for six ways to style opera gloves with the rest of your wardrobe.

Formal Wear

outfit 1

Design by Tiana Crispino

Opera gloves are easiest to tack on top of an already formal outfit. If you're looking to make a small investment in extending a black dress you've relied on for dressing up, try a pair. Worn in a matching color, the feeling is instantly elevated. Carry a bag in a contrasting color to keep the look from veering into Kim Kardashian territory.

Embellished and Extra

outfit 2

Design by Tiana Crispino

These are gloves for the collector, heralded by their friend group as the one who's not afraid to bring glamour to the evening's festivities. On one hand, these gloves are an outfit-maker. On the other, they're surprisingly versatile when you pair them with simple outfits you've been wearing for years. Wear them out to dinner and then slip them into your bag when dancing gets too involved for delicate accessories.

Something Green

outfit 3

Design by Tiana Crispino

Gloves don't always have to feel dressed up. Take this pair by Fruity Booty. They're sheer enough to be worn out during the day and in a pattern that plays nicely with a whole host of colors. In this outfit, they're styled simply with a brown bodysuit and loose denim. Wear them with your new sneakers. Wear them with a worn-in vintage T-shirt. Wear them with matching lingerie. The options are limitless.

One For The Brides

outfit 4

Design by Tiana Crispino

Gloves have made a massive splash on the bridal scene over the past year. So while this look is all white, it's not bridal-specific. Try the easy formula with any gloves you acquire. Add gloves, a slip dress, plus an accessory to ground the look. In this case, it's a plush headband. Other options include strong sunglasses or a massive engagement ring. It's up to you.

Wearable Latex

outfit 5

Design by Tiana Crispino

Is "wearable latex" too optimistic? For an unforgettable outfit it's not. Vex makes everybody's favorite latex accessories, including these gloves. They make even the most basic of outfits feel editorial. They're paired with a long dress here for a formal event, but also maybe just for a dinner out. Wearing an oversized blazer over the look creates even more suspense.

Pink and Red

outfit 6

Design by Tiana Crispino

Moving past Valentine's Day, there's still ways to embrace the festive color pairing. These gloves from Poster Girl have been sold out, but are restocking soon. They look amazing with the matching dress, but also feel unexpected with a feathered pink skirt and a plain white T-shirt. If feathers and gloves feels like a stretch, try a black mini skirt with black tights.

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