All the Cool Girls Have Opal Hair Now

These days, you can easily find hair colors in every shade of the rainbow—sometimes all at once on one person (hi, Suki Waterhouse!). Everywhere, women are going gray, rainbow, and now gray and rainbow at the same time. reported on the latest hair color craze, coined “opal” hair and created by hair whisperer Aura Friedman at Sally Hershberger (she brought It model Soo Joo Park from midnight black to white blond, and colors the strands of Sky Ferreira, M.I.A., and more). What exactly is opal hair? Just what it sounds like—iridescent color inspired by the inside of an oyster. “Blonde hair with a touch of oyster beige, pearl, or opal is going to be huge,” Friedman tells “Cooler tones tend to give you a metallic shine. When you’re using really ashy tones, right before you get to gray, you get a pearl.”

We’re intrigued by this subtler version of pastel and are dying to see it on an adventurous celeb—Kylie Jenner, perhaps?


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​What do you think of this new hair color trend? Sound off below!