Reviewed: Onomie Boosting Lip & Cheek Stick

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As beauty editors, we get bombarded with a ton of new products every day (we know—tough life). Reviewed is a series where we report on some of the best products we’ve tried. Whether it’s a drugstore lipstick that lasted all day or a hand cream that saved us this winter, you'll find all our favorites in this column. Enjoy!

I'll put it this way: You know a product is pure gold when two equally beauty-obsessed editors can't wait to tell the world about it, reaching a *friendly* stalemate over who will get the honor of writing the highly anticipated review. However, luckily for Byrdie contributor Kaitlyn McLintock and I, the product in question just so happened to arrive on each of our desks as part of a threesome (same glorious product, three different shades). And as the universe would have it, we each preferred different colors. (Probably something to do with the fact she's very much the bronzed-beachy-goddess type and I'm more of a break-out-in-hives-and-burn-after-looking-at-the-sun type.) Thus, we decided to compromise, each writing a separate product review on the colors we loved most and why we think each and every one of you needs this multitasking stick in your life. (And yes, we realize we've touted many a life-changing stick over the years, but both Kaitlyn and I are 100% convinced this one is the best.) Keep reading to find out why!

Erin Jahns, Assistant Editor

Reviewed: Onomie Boosting Lip + Cheek Stick
Erin Jahns

You could say my foray to the creamy side was a slow (albeit steady) one, and for years, I wanted nothing to do with any kind of liquid or dewy foundation, bronzer, or blush. (Hence, I looked perpetually powdery in high school and have since burned all photo evidence.)

Gradually, however, I've converted. First came foundation (how did I ever live without my stockpile of favorite liquid foundations?!), then came highlighters (although, I still bat for both teams from time to time), and now, finally, blush—a state of being not entirely solidified until I met this glorious multitasking stick by Onomie. Which, considering the brand's commitment to advanced formulas and clean ingredient lists, shouldn't have been surprising. Except it was.

Blame it on the jaded-beauty-editor syndrome (it's a thing), but I'm consistently skeptical of any product promising borderline impossible results, and to be frank, this one fit that too-good-to-be-true profile to a T: "hydrating, plumping, smoothing, clinically proven to promote microcirculation, soften fine lines, and boost collagen." The gang was all there. So you could have knocked me over with a feather when this magical stick actually seemed to deliver everything it said it would.

Not only are all three shades striking in their own right—Cruz (a whimsical magenta), Nightingale (sultry nude), and Tamar (luxurious wine)—but they also boast a crème de la crème application. The texture is a bit balmy but with just enough slip to blend and blur into the kind of glow that truly can't be achieved unless you've power-walked a staircase or sucked on a cherry popsicle. Plus, since they're designed to be applied anywhere on the face, it's easy to expedite your morning makeup routine by about 15 minutes.

Though all three shades are naturally flattering (nudes are almost always a no-go for me), I'm especially partial to Tamar and Cruz, but especially Tamar. It's the prettiest shade of merlot, and I've found it really complements my fair (albeit warm) skin tone and perks up my complexion on even the dullest of days (aka when I've been slacking on shut-eye). Above, I'm wearing Tamar on my cheeks and Cruz on my lips—a combo I've been gravitating toward and which has swiftly become my beauty MO. Nightingale, while pretty, has gone neglected. (Again, I just don't do nudes.)

Kaitlyn McLintock, Contributing Editor

Reviewed: Onomie Boosting Lip + Cheek Stick
Kaitlyn McLintock

Unlike Erin, I have always had a weird and stubborn devotion to cream-based products. I prefer the natural-looking finish and the ease of application—most of the time, I just use my fingers to tap a creamy foundation, eye shadow, or blush into place. There are no brushes or sponges required, and I love that.

I also love multiuse beauty products. If I can stash a single tube in my bag and apply it to my lips, cheeks, and eyes, I'm happy. It's the quickest way to an easy and on-trend monochromatic look. (While writing this, I realized that convenience is a critical factor for me when I test beauty products. I promise it's out of regard for a busy lifestyle, not just personal laziness.)

Since the Onomie Boosting Lip + Cheek Tint Smart Trio ($90) is a combination of my two favorite things as a cream formula and a multiuse product, I was beyond thrilled to see it come across my desk. I'm not ashamed to say that the day I received the package, I went to the closest mirror (read: front-facing iPhone camera) and blended it onto my lips and cheeks using clean fingers. What I discovered was that I can work with all three shades, though I have a special preference for the nude, Nightingale.

It's one or two shades deeper than my natural skin tone, but that's actually a good thing since I can use it in the hollow of my cheeks, on the sides of my nose, and around the perimeter of my forehead, much like a contour stick. When I dab a touch of the taupe color on my lips, it mutes their natural pink color, giving them a deeper rose-brown look.

I even take it a step further and blend it across my eyelids for a subtle definition that looks like my eyes but better when paired with a swipe of mascara. The result is a matte, sun-kissed complexion. I'm obsessed. So much so that I haven't touched my favorite bronzer in weeks. For the sake of specificity, I'm referring to Benefit's Hoola Matte Bronzer ($30), which is—gasp—one of the only powders I have in my collection.

The color stays put, doesn't settle into fine lines, and maintains my skin's hydration levels. It even lends a plump, healthy look to my skin. I'm sold. Now all Onomie has to do is expand its range of shades, and I'll be perfectly content.

[Ed note: There are now 6 shades of the Lip & Cheek Tint available]

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