The Internet Is Buzzing About This Weird, Free Trick for Growing Your Brows



In today's weird Internet news, onions are apparently the key to the thick, bushy brows of your dreams. At least, according to the brow-endowed beauty vlogger Farah Dukhai. She posted a video on her Instagram claiming that onion juice contains sulfur, which in turn encourages brow growth. We can't help but watch transfixed as she sweeps a raw onion across her brows. And can't help but wonder, How are tears not streaming down her face?! Watch the video below:

Before you go furiously rubbing onions on your brows, know this: An expert quoted in Allure reported that though sulfur does have hair-growth properties, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work on your brows. She mentions one study in the 2002 Journal of Dermatology (yes, apparently this is old news in the dermatology world) where women with alopecia applied onion juice to their scalps. Though this resulted in more hair growth than women who used tap water alone, this may have been because the onion juice's sulfur soothed the irritation that caused their specific type of alopecia. Drat. 

This certainly shouldn't deter you from trying onion juice on your brows, however. Just expect to smell like onions. And perhaps cry a little. But what are a few tears compared to Lily Collins–esque brows? 

If you'd rather try an store-bought treatment, we recommend Talika's Eyebrow Lipocils Expert ($58). 

What do you think—would you give this wacky treatment a try? Sound off below!