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Patrick Starrr's Newest Launch Is His Boldest and Brightest Yet

We have the exclusive details.

Until recently, I've only tried one product from Patrick Starrr's One/Size line since it launched in 2020, and it was the Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes ($15). I remember feeling surprised by the launch, considering Starrr's history of grandiose makeup collaborations in the past. Nonetheless, I remember cracking into the package, thinking it would be just another makeup wipe. After about one swipe, my doubts were wiped away. The Juiciest Wipes are probably the best makeup removing towelettes I've ever used.

See, it's not abnormal to feel reservations or skepticism about beauty brands created by or backed by celebrities and influencers. Nowadays, it's pretty easy for people with money and influence to put their name on a product for the masses without having much involvement in the quality put on shelves. In the past few years, there has been a massive uptick in the number of new brands and collaborations launched by influencers and celebs, and not all of them meet the mark.

I was recently invited to spend 24-hours in Los Angeles with Starrr for a "top secret" shoot to celebrate the launch of One/Size's newest products: Cheek Clapper Blush ($36) and Made For Shade Bronzer ($36). All I knew before arriving in LA was that I would be present for a video shoot to launch in tandem with the products. A bag of One/Size goodies was in my hotel room, and I packed light, intending to try out the other items in Starrr's line.

one size/cheek clapper blush


On the shoot day, I got my face full of One/Size started with the Beauty Blur Balm Foundation ($33), which I rubbed in with my fingers, and—holy shit—I was blown away. I felt late to the party of 5.5 million people talking about the product on TikTok. Still, I was happy to finally experience the hype for myself. The creamy texture, demi-matte finish, and medium-buildable coverage of the BBB Foundation had me very excited for what was to come. Still, I had no clue that what I'd experience throughout the day would turn me into a One/Size stan.

I arrived on set where Starrr teamed up with TikTok star Mikey Angelo and Joelapuss to bring together a fun, twerk-inducing video for the brand's first color-complexion product. There, I got to spend time with Starrr and witness his passion for his brand. In a dressing room clad in shimmery outfits, booty-length wigs, and tons of makeup, Starrr and his makeup artist Ronald Herrera gave me a preview of Cheek Clapper, a blush compact that comes in six colorways with three pigmented formulas per kit.

"Cheek Clapper came to life to add some twang and personality to the color cosmetics category," Starrr says. "People want to get out and have fun, and we wanted to bring that to life with this product." When creating the vision for Cheek Clapper, Starrr looked to his group of friends and mimicked each blush after distinct personalities. "There's always the freaky one in the group," he said of the hue Freaky Peach, which is my personal favorite. "There's always the boujee, rich friend and the one who's very gay. Any makeup lover can look at the collection, laugh and match a color to their persona or a friend's."

patrick starrr poses with one/size made for shade blush

One/Size/Designed by Tiana Crispino

The three formulas in the palettes were also made to be tailored to your unique style. You can use them solo or layer, depending on your mood. l like the matte formula for a swipe of color during the day, and I layer on the hyper-sheen finish for a nighttime look. All three pans are super pigmented and can be layered or sheered out. "There's no one correct way to use it because makeup is not one-size-fits-all," Starrr says.

Made For Shade, Starrr's new bronzer was inspired by the drag community. "When you're backstage getting ready for a drag show, everyone is having fun and throwing shade," Starrr said. "That shadiness inspired me." The clever inspiration birthed a bronzing palette designed to contour, chisel, and define as you wish. "Whether you have a big forehead or a double chin, it's all made for shade."

Starrr and his One/Size team didn't stop at sharp names and sexy innuendos for the new launches. He took things even farther, producing a full-blown music video to bring the product to life. "All of my campaign inspirations are music and movement through makeup," Starrr says. "Both are categories of self-expression for me, and I wanted to bring that synergy to beauty in a way no brand has done before."

Together, Starrr, Angelo, Joelapuss, and a team of dancers produced the Cheek Clapper tune, One/Size's second music video campaign to date, and it currently lives rent-free in my head. "I am social-first, so it's important for me to bring these memorable experiences to life," Starrr tells me of his creative process. "We take a lyrical approach to name products and everything from the formulas, names, and visuals resonate with who we are as a team and community."

mikey angelo, patrick starrr, and joelapus pose on set of one/size's new musical campaign.


Before anything, Starrr tells me that collaboration with his community (including his team and supporters) is his top priority now that he wears many hats, including creative director, influencer, and boss to some. "I exist on all three sides of this Trinity, including consumers, brands, and influencers," Starrr says. "For a few years, I feel like it's been linear, but recently, I see a synergy between all three categories."

Starrr says his perception as a beauty-lover-turned-influencer shaped how he stepped into his role as the leader of One/Size. "Stepping into founder shoes are big ones to fill, and I don't take it for granted," Starrr says. "I know that people aspire to live this dream, and being self-aware is one of the most powerful things we can do when we're in these positions."

Aware of his privilege and access in the aspirational and sometimes-unattainable beauty world, Starrr's goal is to create representation for the marginalized and cultivate safe spaces for those who have helped him on his journey to success. "I'm very close to my family, and everyone on my team is a friend. When people step on set, I think they feel that," Starrr says of his tight-knit group. "It was even important to me to hire diverse dancers and models who aren't signed. It says a lot about what we value as a team and brand."

patrick starrr on set of his cheek clapper shoot


Ultimately, Starrr's main goal is to create products that work and have an impact, and no level of cheek-clapping success will change his obligations to his supporters. "I have an obligation—because of my platform—to uplift the people who uplift me," Starrr says. "I get so many DMs from people who tell me stories of feeling outcasted or struggling with their mental health. I work for them, and I champion them, and that's what I'm here to do."

The newest launch from One/Size embodies all that Starrr is and has been in the beauty space: It's fun, authentic, and it straight-up works. What more can you ask for?

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