We Tried One/Size's Buzzy New Blush—Read Our Honest Thoughts

It packs a punch.

one/size cheek clapper blush trio on a colored background


When Patrick Starrr sat with his team at One/Size to discuss launching a new range of cheek products, his mission was to add some "twang and personality" to the color cosmetics category. To achieve this, One/Size landed on its two new launches: Cheek Clapper Blush ($36) and Made For Shade Bronzer ($36), both designed to enhance your face however you like. "People want to get out and have fun, and we wanted to bring that to life with this product," Starrr told me of his new launches. Twang and personality were, indeed, achieved by way of six palettes with vivid colors and quirky names like "Rich Betch", "Freaky Peach", and "Fire Starter".

Both Made For Shade and Cheek Clapper come in six shades, the former with a wide range of hues to bronze and sculpt your face, and the former with three different finishes that you can customize to your liking, which ties into One/Size's larger message that makeup isn't linear. "There's no one correct way to use it because makeup is not one-size-fits-all," Starrr says.

To see just how fitting One/Size's cheek collection was for a wide range of skin tones and beauty styles, the Byrdie team put them to the test. Ahead, find our honest thoughts on the new launch.

Aimee Simeon, senior beauty editor

byrdie editor aimee simeon wearing one/size freaky peach blush


"Blush is—hands down—my favorite color cosmetic product, and I was super excited to try Cheek Clapper. Patrick and I share the same shade, Freaky Peach, which comes with a trifecta of coral-colored blushes. In the photo, Starrr layered all three formulas to make my cheekbones pop. Since the palette has become part of my collection, I lightly tap the matte and shimmer shade in my blush brush and dust it over my daily makeup. Emphasis on lightly because if you dab too heavily, you will pick up a lot of product. Still, I love that a quick dusting does the job.

The bronzers also delivered on its promise of snatching my face. I used the Medium palette to contour my nose and cheeks before applying blush. It packs a punch, so I've reserved the contouring for special events and date nights. My favorite part is that all of the colors live in one easy-to-carry palette, so it'll definitely be packed on all of my trips from now on."

Olivia Hancock, editor

byrdie editor olivia hancock wearing one/size cheek clapper blush


"Bronzer has always felt a bit daunting to use, but the One/Size palette erased those fears. I appreciate how buttery and smooth the formulas are. When I applied the shades to my skin, they effortlessly melted into my skin and weren’t patchy like some matte powders can be. Most importantly, my face looked snatched after swiping this on. The vibrant blush enhances the dimension the bronzer gives my face and adds beautiful, pigmented color to my cheeks."

Eden Stuart, editor

byrdie editor eden stuart wearing one/size blush


"I've been wearing these blushes non-stop since I received them. The palettes are great for creating a multidimensional look—I'm particularly fond of starting with the matte color in the middle, then topping it with a slight swipe of the shimmer shade right below where I would typically apply highlighter. I'm wearing the shade Rich Betch in the photo above; I had been looking for a nice brown-tinged blush to go with my 90s-inspired looks and this rosy bronze shade fits the bill perfectly.

I'll preface my bronzer review by noting that I haven't contoured in years—which is probably why I struggled a bit blending this one out. It was totally user error but if you, like me, aren't a regular face sculptor, do know that these palettes are very pigmented. Next time I use mine, I'll go in with a lighter hand. One thing I really loved about this product was the shade range—I was able to get away with the Medium palette, even though I'm almost always Medium-Dark (or even Dark) when it comes to sculpting products. So if you have a deeper complexion and have been on the hunt for a bronzer or contour powder, definitely check these out."

Holly Rhue, senior editor

byrdie editor holly rhue wearing one/size blush


"I'm extremely fair-skinned, so it's really rare for bronzers and blushes to feel natural on me. But this peachy blush and shadowy bronzer work so well together to cast a natural flush. There's no orangey cast or unnaturally pink pigment—just exactly what my skin would look like after a little yoga flow or a brisk walk."

Jasmine Phillips, social editor

byrdie editor jasmine phillips wearing one/size blush and bronzer


"Let me start by saying that the packaging is 10/10. The Cheek Clapper blush trio is a game-changer. Having a cream, matte, and shimmer product all in one is perfect for traveling. I love how buildable the formulas are and it’s fun to customize looks from everyday, natural, to glam. The Made for Shade palette blends really nicely on my skin. These shades are super pigmented so a little truly goes a long way but your face will definitely be chiseled to perfection. Similar to the blush trio, each shade can be worn for everyday to glam."

Jesa Marie Calaor, editor

byrdie editor jesa calaor wearing one/size blush


Even when I have my freshest, no-makeup makeup look on, I still sweep powder contour and blush on. I've been loving Patrick Starrr’s Trio Palettes and the way they have been giving my complexion L-I-F-E. They are highly pigmented (so I wield my brush with a very light hand when picking up and applying the product) but can create everything from a subtle sculpt and glow to a glam full-face with an unmatched radiance. What I appreciate most? I know, with how high-impact these formulas are, these palettes will last way longer than my usual go-tos.

Madeline Hirsch, news director

byrdie editor madeline hirsch wearing one/size blush


"These trios pack a serious punch. The blush has insane color payoff (I loved the Very That palette most), but once you get a feel for the right amount the powders go on like a dream. I also appreciate the inclusion of a cream formula. I love matching my lips to my cheeks and—whether the formulators behind One/Size intended it or not—I’ve been using this on my cheeks and lips for a monochromatic look."

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