The Busy Girl's Guide to Applying Makeup on the Go

Time is of the essence for the industry’s top bloggers and influencers, especially when the holidays roll around. Constantly on the go, they’re always perfecting their in-transit beauty routines—after all, they’d never let a time crunch prevent them from looking their best at the numerous engagements they’ve got on their calendars. Take for example, Annabelle Fleur of VivaLuxury. “Every year my schedule seems to get more action-packed,” says the blogger. “I leave home early and spend my entire day running from meetings to shoots to parties. I’ve become a pro at changing in my car, sometimes multiple times a day.”

So it makes sense that in terms of makeup, Fleur wants to keep things simple. “When I’m on the go, I want to keep application quick and convenient. I avoid products that require brushes or sponges, and opt for things I can apply straight from the tube and blend with my fingers.” Her go-to kit is Clinique’s Chubby Sampler Set, which comes with three products in crayon form—a lip balm, a shadow tint, and a cheek balm—plus a travel-size mascara. The best part? Everything can be used any time, anywhere, whether you’re fixing your makeup in your car (we’ve all been there) or using your phone as a mirror to apply a fresh swipe of lipstick.

Need proof? Keep scrolling to see how Fleur switches up her makeup as she goes from day to night.