We Used 6 "On-the-Go" Products On the Go—Here's How They Stacked Up

If your mornings look anything like ours, you’re lucky to swipe on some lipstick and concealer before running out the door. Since we rarely have enough time to put on a full face, we often find ourselves applying makeup via the metro, in bumper to bumper traffic, or in the nearest public powder room. In desperate need of quick, easy, and effective makeup, we decided to give the most buzzed-about on-the-go beauty products a try.

From multipurpose products that double as a lip and cheek color to user-friendly luminizers that give an on-the-go glow, we’ve put just about every travel-friendly beauty product to the test. And, although the task was quite challenging—we don’t recommend applying makeup via a bumpy subway sans mirror—it was worth it in the end, as we found many a new favorite makeup product. To see which on-the-go beauty products lived up to Byrdie standards, keep reading.