6 On-the-Go Beauty Looks You Can Do in the Back of an Uber



You might be familiar with the Uber scramble—and no, we're not referring to those hand-wringing moments when your driver cancels your trip even though you are literally standing right there. We're talking backseat beauty touchups, where the stress of putting yourself together on the go is amplified by the fact that at any moment, you might hit a bump and end up with lipstick on your forehead or a mascara wand in your cornea. Fun!

Fortunately, we've done this enough times that we have it down to a science: It's about picking a look that travels well, yes, but timing, too. That red light? Fifteen seconds of complete stillness. Put on your lipstick! Fill in those brows! Go, go, go!

With this in mind, we rounded up six gorgeous going-out looks and broke them down into steps that can be done in motion, and the ones to save for stoplights and heavy traffic. See how to strategize from the beginning of your ride to the end.

Which look is your favorite? What's your backseat beauty strategy? Tell us your tips in the comments below!