Behold: The Most Inclusive On-Demand Beauty Apps

Calling all my independent ladies and gents who are constantly on the run: This one's for you. Sometimes life gets in the way and you need glam on the go. So what do you do when it totally slipped your mind to make a salon appointment or go get your makeup done and you're pressed for time? Thanks to technology, there are on-demand beauty apps at your service at all times. With a lift of your finger, you can literally book everything on your phone. Stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists will come right to your door.  

You may be wary of how trustworthy these apps are—trust me, you have every right to be skeptical. Especially when we're talking about inclusive apps that have experts on hand who are skilled enough to produce quality work for all hair textures and skin tones. Thankfully, a lot of these on-demand apps have photos readily available that showcase a diverse clientele. We asked our friends, skimmed the internet, and combed through raving reviews to pull together the best on-demand beauty apps. Rest assured that these are the real deal. 

The Glam App

This beauty app's Instagram bio says it all: "We take pride in working with artists who know how to amplify the beauty of any type of skin or hair." The Glam App allows users to book hair, makeup, and nail appointments. It also features a roster of stylists.  


Doesn't an app full of licensed masseuses sound like a dream? Well, this app makes it a reality and will deliver the massage of your dreams right to your doorstep. The set-up is all included (massage oil, massage table, etc.)—all you do is book your appointment and await well-deserved R&R. 


This app is completely all-inclusive with hair, makeup, nails, grooming, and fitness services available to men and women. Book the blowout of your dreams or a personal training session. Sounds like the best of all worlds, right?  


If you're in Los Angeles, New York City, the Hamptons, San Francisco, or Miami, this app is here for you. Offering a slew of trusted stylists and makeup artists, these glam sessions are under an hour and can host you or your entire group of friends. 


Ask any beauty editor about Glamsquad, and they'll have raving reviews. Glamsquad is a go-to for on-demand hair, makeup, and nail appointments that will not disappoint. I'm speaking from experience and have consistently been pleased by my experiences with hair and makeup (and I'm not easy to please). Glamsquad is available in the New York City; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Orange County (Southern California); Miami; Boston; the Bay Area (Northern California); and San Francisco. 


This on-demand app is created specifically for Black women, making it 10 times easier to find stylists who cater to their hair wherever they are. Whether you're trying to discover new stylists for your natural hair, braids, locs, or curls, this app has an option for you. 


DreamDry, created by Rachel Zoe, is essentially a blowout junkie's dream. Picture a social media app for premiere stylists at your fingertips—that's DreamDry. Book appointments on your phone, choose your favorite stylists, and recommend them to your friends.

Never stress about missing an appointment again. Just pick up your phone. 

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