13 Melty, Ombré Nail Ideas With Endless Summer Energy

pink and orange ombre nails on someone's tan hands

@melanated.mani / Instagram

Ombré nail designs are fun year-round, but we're partial to the style when summer rolls around. The possibilities are endless when working with a faded base that looks good alone or serves as a nice canvas for intricate art.

Whether you opt for monochromatic fades, pops of color, or full-blown designs to make heads turn, the ombré moment is here to stay and keeps getting cooler thanks to incredible nail artistry. Ahead, find 13 ombré manicures to screenshot for inspiration all summer long.

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Mellow Yellow

Yellow/neutral ombre nails with white floral design on person's hands

@jancelixx / Instagram

Starting subtle, this yellow-to-nude ombré look is perfect for your final late-Spring manicure. This ombré practically melts into the skin and is complemented by a 3D floral nail art moment by the talented @jancelixx.

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Think Pink

Pink ombre nails on person's hands

@imarninails / Instagram

This ombré is the perfect pink fade. Starting with a rich red and carrying into a hot pink, this manicure will turn heads and result in many compliments. We'll call this one by @imarninails hot for the summer.

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Metal Moments

metal ombre nails with chrome dot accent on person's hands

@myprettyset / Instagram

2023's hottest trend is a metal or chrome nail and @myprettyset uses a metal gray to melt into a chrome nude and create the ultimate cyber girl nail.

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Just Like Candy

purple and pink cotton candy ombre nail polished on tan tattooed hands

@yo_keshh / Instagram

If you were to melt a box of Nerds candy and turn them into a nail set, this is what it'll look like. We're obsessed with this vibrant pink-purple ombré by @yo_keshh that'll feel like a sugar rush whenever you look down at your fingers.

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Green with Envy

green ombre nails with gold swirls on a person's hand

@nailsbysuman / Instagram

This set by @nailsbysuman marries ombré fade with a matte, complemented by the perfect metallic gold ribbon flowing across each nail, making for a subtle, yet intricate design.

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Pastel Pink

ombre baby pink nails on person's hands

@imarninails / Instagram

If bold isn't your thing, we get it. Celebrity nail artist @imarninails has got you covered across the board, and we love this subtle mauve transition into a dusty pastel pink. It's the perfect step up from your standard solid-pink manicure.

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Mermaid Fade

purple and blue ombre nails with shimmer on person's hands

@melanated.mani / Instagram

We love this purple and sky-blue set which is easy to DIY at home. You can use a sponge to press on the gradient color and top it off with your favorite shimmer top coat for a reflective finish.

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Trend Mix

pink ombre metal manicure on coffin shaped nails

@manicures.as / Instagram

If you took all of our favorite nail design trends and merged them into one manicure, this would be it. Artist @manicures.as starts with a deep vampire red and blends all the way down to a ballet slipper pastel for a full ten-finger ombré design. For an added flare, the 3D pearl and metal decals make these nails even cooler than they already are.

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Purple Powers

purple nails with rhinestone accents on a person's hands

@angelsnailz / Instagram

A monochromatic ombré moment complimented by subtle gems adds a pop that makes this manicure very inventive. Celebrity nail artist @angelsnailz created this set using using @glitterbels gel polish.

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Rock the Rainbow

rainbow ombre nails on almond shaped nails

@imarninails / Instagram

Why choose one color when you can utilize the entire rainbow? This ombré set by @imarninails was created using @the_gelbottle_inc and is perfect for summer. Bright melted colors are complemented by nude negative space, and we're obsessed.

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Flower Power

spring blue ombre nails on almond shaped nails

@myprettyset / Instagram

These summer blue ombré French fades by @myprettyset are complemented by the cutest floral designs that are giving throwback feels.

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Colorblock Melt

pink and orange colorblocked ombre nails on tan hands

@melanated.mani / Instagram

Don't limit yourself to concentrating color only on the tip of your nails. Instead, try this color-blocked gradient effect that taps two bold colors (hot pink and orange) for a faded look that still pops.

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All Smiles

Smiley ombre nails on almond shaped nails

@yo_keshh / Instagram

The pastel ombré rainbow is giving us a boost of joy with all of the colors, but the hand-painted smiles by artist @yo_keshh take it to new levels of happy.

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