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One of the easiest and most versatile nail art designs is the ombré nail. Though it’s not a new trend, it's one that has stuck around and withstood the test of time. With an unlimited combination of colors and tons of different styles, this gorgeous gradient look is always sure to impress. We talked to Sarah Bland, beauty ambassador at Smith & Cult, for her best tips and tricks on how to get this coveted look from the comfort of your couch.

If you’re not a nail art aficionado, fear not. We love this look because it only requires a few tools we already have in our makeup bag. “The easiest way to create an ombré look at home is to use an eye shadow applicator or a disposable makeup sponge that you can tear in half,” says Bland. Done deal. Want to learn some more tricks and garner killer nail inspiration? Keep scrolling.

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Marble Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Bronze Outlines


Do as Betina Goldstein does with this look and combine the ombré trend with a minimalistic pink marble effect. Then, finish it off with a chic bronze border. Use a small detailing brush to get the bronze outline and don't forget a topcoat to ensure a glossy finish.

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Horizontal Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Horizontal


If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the pack, try a horizontal ombré rather than the standard vertical variation. It’s just as easy to execute—just switch up the direction.

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Animal Print Ombré

Feeling feisty? The leopard print over the gold chrome seen here is a match made in mani heaven.

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Purple Crystal Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Purple


These purple ombré digits remind us of a pretty, sparkly amethyst.

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Watercolor Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Watercolor


A blend of vivid watercolors decorates this artfully designed manicure. While ombre usually fades off to a lighter color, we love how these nails mix it up, with some of the darker colors swirling toward the bottom.

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Purple to Nude Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Purple Nude


We love how this shiny pearlescent purple tapers off into a classic, sophisticated nude. Who says you can't have it all? Don't forget to seal it in with a long-lasting topcoat.

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Gold-Dipped Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Gold-Dipped


These easy-to-recreate metallic gold nails are nothing short of stunning. Most notably, unlike many other ombré manicures, they require just one polish shade and a topcoat to create. Starting with clean nails, lightly paint gold polish from your tips toward your cuticles, stopping before reaching them. Let the sheer color dry and finish with topcoat for a simple-yet-rich, sun-kissed design.

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Mercury Retrograde Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Mercury Retrograde


Betina Goldstein is usually known for her minimalistic and eye-catching designs, but we happen to love this mix of different pink hues. It's a modern update on the popular galaxy-inspired look.

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Modern Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Modern


If you can't quite get the hang of the sponging technique, consider opting for the modern take on ombré nails: a different color on each nail. By choosing a series of shades within the same or complementary color families, you'll be able to rock the ombré look without major DIY skills.

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Cloudy Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Cloudy


Want a view from the clouds without air travel? This ombré mani offers a picture-perfect look—almost like a gloomy cloudy day, in the best way possible. Plus, the sparkle effect is a cheeky, cute touch.

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Cotton Candy

This cotton candy-inspired ombré manicure looks like the prettiest dawn sky. The pink and blue mani by Steph Stone emulates cozy lover-inspired vibes. To get the look use Essie's Mint Candy Apple and Muchi Muchi, both $9.

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Rosy Ghost Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Rose Ghost


These copper nails have a gradient fade, lots of glitter, and a cartoon-inspired ghost, Yuki, from a talented artist. For a playful twist on an ombré style, try out an almond shape to play up the design.

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Nude Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Nude


This nude manicure is a subtle take on ombré lengths. If you're new to the trend, go for a subtle color like this.

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Accent Glitter Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Accent Glitter


Glitter may fade, as seen here, but a stunning accent nail captures our hearts forever. Ombré designs don't have to go all out and can instead be a subtle gradient. This one just happens to be glitter based.

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Pink Fade

Yet another example of the modern ombré, these pink nails are a favorite on the 'gram. We're full-time swooning over these.

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Candy Apple Ombré

Ombre Nail Looks Candy Apple


Considering how many options there are nowadays, we've got to say we're suckers for a stunning candy apple-inspired ombré palette. Warm and fresh, we love the way this gradient seamlessly blends.

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