"Ombré Lip Gloss" Nails Are the Official Manicure of Summer

ombre lip gloss nails pink manicure

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Glossy, pinky-nude manicures—a trend we coined "lip gloss nails"—have been flooding our social feeds this year. What started as a more minimalist take on the chrome manicures popularized by Hailey Bieber has quickly evolved into a full-fledged trend of its own, gracing the nails of celebs like J.Lo, Nicola Peltz-Beckham, and more. And as is the cycle with any popular nail trend, we've now seen dozens of variations on the classic lip gloss manicure—the most popular of which is ombré lip gloss nails.

Unlike classic lip gloss nails (characterized by the use a single shade of sheer pink), ombré lip gloss nails feature a gradient effect that fades from a traditional lip gloss shade at the cuticle to a richer, darker pink at the tip of the nail. The result is a fresh, playful take on the lip gloss manicure that's ripe for summer. Ahead, discover six ways to try the lip gloss nails trend with an ombré twist.

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Classic Lip Gloss Ombré

close up of manicure that fades from light pink to dark pink

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At its core, the ombré lip gloss manicure fades from a neutral, glossy shade of polish at the base of the nail to a richer, bubblegum or hot pink at the tip. Here, nail artist @lolo.nailedit has created the most classic form of the ombré lip gloss trend using Ella+Mila nail polish topped with a high-shine top coat for that signature, glossy effect.

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Accent Nail

light pink and dark pink ombre manicure with heart on ring finger

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

If you prefer a manicure with a little extra something, an accent nail is a great way to take this trend to the next level. Here, nail artist Phoebe Cascarina has created the perfect lip gloss gradient, fading from a shiny nude to a magenta lacquer. Cascarina opted for a chic, white heart accent on the ring finger, which provides gorgeous contrast against the two pink shades in the ombré.

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Hot Pink Lip Gloss

close up of woman's hand with light to dark pink ombre manicure

@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

With Barbiecore beauty on the rise, this manicure is a great way to marry two of summer's biggest nail trends: hot pink nails and ombré lip gloss manicures. And the good news is, three-toned ombres are fairly easy to achieve at home. To DIY your own ombré nails, stack three lines of nail polish on the square side of a makeup wedge and press it to your nail. Then, use a clean corner of the same sponge to blend the lines between each shade. Lastly, clean up any polish that made its way onto your skin with nail polish remover and add a glossy top coat to seal the look.

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Mixed Details

light pink and dark pink manicure with different detail on each nail

@disseynails / Instagram

If a full hand of ombré lip gloss feels repetitive, you can certainly mix things up by featuring a different design variation on each nail. Here, nail artist Dayanna I. Sapiens has created a classic lip gloss ombré on her middle finger and thumb, but it's surrounded by complementary designs in the same colorway (including a blush effect on the pinky, swirls on the ring finger, and a signature French on the index finger).

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Peachy Gloss

manicure that fades from light pink to peach

@imarninails / Instagram

Warm, peachy pinks and oranges are a rising trend for summer, and for good reason. The shades bring to mind images of Aperol spritzes, citrus trees, and Italian coastlines. And fortunately, the summery shade is a perfect fit for an ombré lip gloss manicure.

Pair a peach manicure with gold jewelry to play up the warm, summery tones.

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Horizontal Ombré

close up of woman's hand with horizontal ombre pink manicure

@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

While the word "ombré" typically implies a gradient colorway within each individual nail, horizontal ombrés—also called "Skittles manicures"—are a different way to try the trend. To get the ombré lip gloss look in a horizontal fashion, you'll need five shades of pink ranging from light to dark. But instead of applying each shade of pink to each individual nail, one shade will be dedicated to each nail. Start with your lightest, lip-gloss-pink shade on the pinky, then work your way to a hot pink on the thumb.

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