The Best Beauty Moments at the 2022 Winter Olympics

They're all worthy of the gold.

Eileen Gu Olympics

Clive Rose / Getty Images

Ah, the Winter Olympics. The glittering snow, the fierce competition, the impossibly cool beauty moments. It's true—while thinking of the Winter Olympics usually conjures up images of chunky helmets and warmth-capturing puffer suits, this year's Olympians are finding seemingly infinite ways to play up their own unique beauty aesthetics.

From twinkling eyeshadows in the skating segments to trendy hair colors on the podium, these Olympic glam moments are especially inspirational because they've been road-tested to hold up under even the most high-pressure situations. If a red lipstick can stand up to its wearing while being flipped, spun, twirled, and dipped on ice (and HD cameras), surely it can last through drinks with the besties.

As the games continue, we'll be on the lookout for more show-stopping beauty looks on the world-class athletes. Below, we rounded up the best hair, makeup, skin, and nail looks from the 2022 Winter Olympics—so far, anyway.

Eileen Gu, China

Eileen Gu Winter Olympics

Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

Forget a money piece—when Eileen Gu skied her way to a first-place victory, her blonde face-framing highlights became a solid gold piece. The impossibly cool athlete is no stranger to standout beauty looks with an IMG modeling contract locked in, and even the hairstyle she actually competed in (a Hailey Bieber-approved claw clip) managed to be ultra-trendy, too.

Madison Chock, USA

Madison Chock Olympics

Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

Even the least athletics-minded among us can appreciate the spectacle of figure skating—those costumes, stage cosmetics, and impressive moves are always worth a watch. But on Feb. 7, Team USA skater Madison Chock took it to new heights with a jaw-dropping ice dance routine underscored by her rink-matching, ethereal makeup in gleaming silvers. Metallic lipstick and a light-catching glow played off her bejeweled costume to extraordinary effect.

Alexandra Trusova, Russia

Alexandra Trusova Olympics

Photo by Annice Lyn / Getty Images

You could say we're in the midst of a redhead revolution. Since summer 2021, it seems like everyone is getting in on the trend with a standout shade of red—but if you're still on the fence, just let Russian skater Alexandra Trusova's fiery, costume-matching shade convince you.

Erin Jackson, USA

Erin Jackson Olympics

Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Watching a victorious Erin Jackson weep over her historic gold win is enough to make bring everyone else to tears, too. After cinching a first-place victory in speed skating, her shoulder-skimming braids fell perfectly in a deep side part, silencing that great "middle part vs. center part" debate once and for all.

Karen Chen, USA

Karen Chen

Jean Catuffe / Getty Images

Karen Chen's perfectly dewy complexion and gloss-highlighted cheeks are enviable anytime, anywhere, but look especially impressive considering just how cold it is in Beijing (and on the ice!) right now. Accented by a warming hint of rosy blush, Chen's immaculate skin is in a league of its own.

Kaori Sakamoto, Japan

Kaori Sakamoto Olympics

Jean Catuffe / Getty Images

It takes a seriously commanding lip color to draw attention from Kaori Sakamoto's gravity-defying leaps and twirls (not to mention her midnight blue, bejeweled costume) but you just can't help but lock in on her bold red lipstick shade. The rust-toned red instantly adds a boost of glamour to any look, both on-ice and off it.

Corinne Suter, Switzerland

Connie Suter Olympics

Alain Grosclaude / Agence Zoom / Getty Images

For a day of winter spots (either Olympic or recreational, take your pick) few things look sleeker than a snow-white manicure like Connie Suter's. While her perfectly oblong nails are usually hidden under gloves, she managed to show off her mani while holding up that all-important gold.

Kaillie Humphries, USA

Kaillie Humphries

Julian Finney / Getty Images

Bobsleigh star Kaillie Humphries needs to drop the haircare routine stat. Not only are her long, Old Hollywood curls perfectly formed, but they've managed to stay that way through a gold-cinching, 80-miles-per-hour race. Whatever hairspray she's using needs to launch an entire campaign around this immediately.

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