Exclusive: Olivia Wilde Shares the One Bad Beauty Habit She Can't Break

I've been fortunate enough to interview some incredible celebrities in my career as a beauty editor, but every time someone asks me, "Who was your favorite?" I always, always say Olivia Wilde. Not that she said anything particularly alarming or headline-grabbing during our quick chat on the red carpet, but the amiable aura that surrounded her made me want to be her best friend. She also addressed me by name and made eye contact the entire time—a biggie for us plebe journalists. But even if the reason for loving my interview with Olivia isn't tangible, our short time together left a lasting impression that I'll never forget.

Recently, I had another opportunity to interview the actress and Revlon Global Brand Ambassador, this time, over the phone. Since she seems game for just about anything (or so I imagine, at least), I thought we'd play a rapid-fire round of 20 questions. As expected, hilarity ensued. Keep scrolling to find out the beauty trend she hates, the type of exercise she loves, and the one food she could eat every day of the year.

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