Olivia Palermo's Latest Project Smells Like Summer

And it comes in a handbag-inspired package.

Olivia Palermo Selfie

Olivia Palermo

Our series The One Thing is a Sparknotes version of the products, rituals, and moments your favorite celebrities and influencers swear by—their go-tos, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts. So go ahead—take a brief, intimate peek into the lives of your favorites through the things (and people, and moments) they hold dear.

With her signature poise and refined aesthetic, Olivia Palermo has been influencing since before “influence” became synonymous with followers and likes. It was clear from the moment she entered the public sphere on The City that she was a natural tastemaker—one that we’d look to for fashion inspiration for years to come.

Palermo has since managed to stay relevant for more than a decade, proving her timeless style extends beyond putting together solid outfits (although she does continue to serve on the red carpet). The entrepreneur has also branched out with success, taking on a wide range of projects—including the launch of her beauty line, Olivia Palermo Beauty. So, it comes as no surprise that her next venture two of her first loves: fragrance and home decor. 

Available today, the entrepreneur released an exclusive candle developed in collaboration with Sicily Hill. With its roots in the fashion world—the home fragrance brand's founder, Jessica Hill Howard, studied handbag design—a partnership felt like a natural fit. "Being the daughter of an interior designer, I know how important it is to set the ambiance for entertaining, and candles make a statement—both visually and scent-wise—in any room," says Palermo.

We caught up with the cooler-than-ever Olivia Palermo about beauty, fragrance, self-care, and, of course, personal style.

The One Scent She's Always Drawn To

I love fresh, almost clean, floral scents with notes of citrus that aren’t too overpowering. Especially for the summer season, light citrus and floral aromas are perfect. That's how we landed on the Citrus Blossom ($69) fragrance. It has notes of fresh Sicilian lemon and a bouquet of aromatic peony and white blossom.

Citrus Blossom Candle
Sicily Hill Citrus Blossom $69.00

The One Thing She Does to Destress

A hot shower or soothing bath after the end of a long day is a great way to unwind. A fabulous candle is the perfect finishing touch to really get that spa-like experience too.

Olivia Palermo candle

Sicily Hill

The One Thing She Loves About Citrus Blossom

The packaging, obviously! Of course, being a detail-oriented creative, I wanted the packaging to be as gorgeous as the fragrance itself, so I worked very closely with the brand on a custom design. I love the handbag-inspired box that is iconic to Sicily Hill and wanted to add my own touch by infusing some of my favorite colors: a rich shade of burgundy paired with a mustard yellow and, of course, hunter green.

The hunter green is carried through once you open the box: we did the votive for the candle itself in the same color. Again, to add my own special touch, we did our custom candle votive in a high gloss finish, which, when paired with the hunter green, makes it a perfectly suitable decorative element for both women and men!

candle box

Sicily Hill

The One Skincare Product She Can't Live Without

My Prime Time Illuminating Serum ($40). It's my go-to for days when I may not have plans to leave the house and want to give my skin that boost of hydration. It’s also the perfect canvas creator before makeup for those days when I am out and about.

Olivia Palermo Beauty Primetime Illuminating Serum $40.00

The One Thing She Always Keeps in Her Makeup Bag

My Olivia Palermo Beauty Matte Lipstick ($38). I rarely go out without a lip on and, these days, taking our masks on and off, you’re always in need of a lipstick handy for touchups throughout the day.

Olivia Palermo Beauty Matte Lipstick in Rosebud $38.00

The One Self-Care Practice She Swears By

My favorite self-care practice is getting a mani/pedi. I get a manicure at least once a week to ensure I always have flawless nails, but it also acts as a bit of “me time" when I can escape the demands of the day.

The One Thing She Always Does Before Bed

Wash my face! You have your skin for your whole life, so it's super important to take care of it. And that includes proper cleansing. No sleeping with makeup on for me.

The One Meal She Craves

I am not much of a cook—I really leave that up to Johannes (Palermo's husband) who has gotten quite good at it during this time at home. I love pesto pasta, especially from Sant Ambroeus. Johannes did such a good take on it a while back that we featured his recipe on OliviaPalermo.com.

The One Essential Part of Her Morning Routine

Taking care of my 16-year old Maltese, Mr. Butler. My days start and end with him.

The One Thing That Keeps Her Hair Healthy

I have always sworn by the Phyto Detox Clarifying Shampoo ($19) for as long as I can remember. It cleanses the hair thoroughly without stripping it of the natural oils to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

Phyto PHYTODETOX Clarifying Detox Shampoo $19.00

The One Thing She's Buying This Summer

Plane tickets! I am desperately trying to make summer holiday plans and get to Europe to visit friends that I have only seen virtually for the longest time probably ever.

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