Perfect Skin: Olivia Palermo's Makeup Artist Spills His Secrets


Gareth Cattermole/Getty

Olivia Palermo may be a style icon, but we follow her every move for another reason: her skin. Perpetually glowy—even on day five of NYFW, which is no easy feat—and seemingly devoid of a single pore, her complexion is almost as jealousy inducing as her wardrobe. Sure, she’s probably #blessed with a mostly well-behaving visage, but we also understand that she is a human being—and thus has probably also experienced skin freak-outs and perhaps even a wrinkle or two. So the question remains: How does her skin look perfect every damn day? We went straight to the source: her makeup artist (and Dior beauty ambassador), Daniel Martin.

Generous being that he is, Martin heeded our beseeching cries and shared the exact products and techniques he uses on Palermo—bringing us that much closer to our perfect-skin goals. Now, who wants to photograph us for their street style blog?

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