This Is the Food Olivia Munn Says Keeps Wrinkles Away

Updated 09/23/16

When Olivia Munn doles out beauty advice, we listen. And recently this advice came in the form of a lengthy Instagram post that detailed how she's improved her complexion over the course of the year, in which many small changes were made that don't require any crazy treatments or wallet-emptying products. One tip that really stuck out to us, however, was that she eats a particular vegetable to "keep wrinkles away." The food in question? Japanese potatoes (we know, right?). They're rich in hyaluronic acid and help plump the skin with moisture—needless to say, we're totally not opposed to eating our way to a better complexion.

 Take a look at Olivia's side-by-side of her skin from 2015 to now to see the difference for yourself!

We think Olivia's started a trend (just look how bright and radiant her skin is!), so excuse us while we go prepare some Japanese potatoes, reevaluate our brows, plan a weekly workout schedule, and pick up some Proactiv Mark Correcting Pads ($45). 

What are your tips for glowing, youthful skin? Please share with us below!

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