Olivia Culpo's Secret to Great Skin Is Surprisingly Simple

The Vital Proteins pop-up took place in the heart of SoHo in a bustling room decked out with bursts of color, a super-Instagrammable flower wall, and delicious fruit-infused beverages. The grass-fed-collagen company hosted Olivia Culpo, the face of the brand's latest campaign. She arrived in a full Fendi getup, so I inevitably complimented her on her lewk as soon as we sat down in the pink velvet chairs to chat. She immediately complimented my shirt right back, which felt like something a good friend would do. The conversation flowed naturally after that. 

A quick peek at Culpo's amazingly curated Instagram feed will assure you she is living her best life. She's an It girl when it comes to beauty. Her hair, makeup, and wardrobe are always on point, but she's especially good at taking care of her body and putting her health and wellness first. Read on to find out the one thing she loves doing to stay centered and how she keeps that glowing skin of hers in tip-top shape.