My Hairstylist and I Share Our Best Hair Secrets, by Olivia Culpo



Everyone knows good company can make any situation better. My go-to hairstylist Justine Marjan is not only incredibly talented but also so fun to be with. She makes 5 a.m. call times and jet lag feel easy breezy. Every time we work together, it's the best—we're like two little girls playing dress-up. We always have exciting ideas and are never afraid to try something new. Sometimes I do my own makeup, and based on my look and wardrobe, we team up on the concept for hair. I'm always pulling references from Instagram and Pinterest and matching my hairstyle to my makeup and wardrobe. You should see the hair/makeup references stored in my phone—there are a LOT. With Justine, it's always a collaboration, and I love seeing how everything comes together perfectly. Below, we chat with Byrdie to give you some of our tips and tricks you'll definitely want to try!