My Hairstylist and I Share Our Best Hair Secrets, by Olivia Culpo


Everyone knows good company can make any situation better. My go-to hairstylist Justine Marjan is not only incredibly talented but also so fun to be with. She makes 5 a.m. call times and jet lag feel easy breezy. Every time we work together, it's the best—we're like two little girls playing dress-up. We always have exciting ideas and are never afraid to try something new. Sometimes I do my own makeup, and based on my look and wardrobe, we team up on the concept for hair. I'm always pulling references from Instagram and Pinterest and matching my hairstyle to my makeup and wardrobe. You should see the hair/makeup references stored in my phone—there are a LOT. With Justine, it's always a collaboration, and I love seeing how everything comes together perfectly. Below, we chat with Byrdie to give you some of our tips and tricks you'll definitely want to try!


Justine Marjan

BYRDIE: Tell us about the hair process with Olivia. How do you come up with styles and ideas?

JUSTINE MARJAN: Olivia is a true artist's muse because she always trusts your vision and is willing to try new things. She's so fun and literally everything looks good on her, so it's been a blast experimenting. We constantly send each other inspo images, but the overall look will depend on what she's wearing, where she's going, and what the vibe is for the day or night.

BYRDIE: How do you create those effortless waves in Olivia's hair?

JM: I love alternating between a Ghd one-inch curling iron and the Ghd platinum flatiron to create a gorgeous, effortless finish.

BYRDIE: What are your favorite styling products and tools to use?

JM: Ghd tools work great, and they make irons in so many different sizes, so it's perfect for creating dimension in the hair. L'Oréal Elnett hair spray is a must, too!

BYRDIE: What's one thing people do to their hair that you wish they wouldn't?

JM: Use the wrong shampoo and conditioner for their hair type. If they are prepping their hair with the wrong products, it's hard to build back the texture that you need.

BYRDIE: What advice do you give to Olivia in regard to her hair?

JM: Keep doing what you're doing! You have the best hair and always take great care of it.

BYRDIE: Do you have a fun anecdote to share about working with Olivia?

JM: Olivia is literally the most fun/funniest person ever. We love playing around and having impromptu photo shoots after glam. She also has the best DIY beauty tips and tricks up her sleeve.


Justine Marjan

BYRDIE: How do you normally like to style your hair?

OLIVIA CULPO: I usually like clean, slicked-back hair. I prefer to have my hair off my face. I'm a big fan of ponytails and buns, but when I do have my hair down, I like soft, loose waves.

BYRDIE: What special treatments do you do?

OC: I like to do a coconut oil mask. All I do is shampoo my hair, add coconut oil to my wet hair, let it dry a little, then sleep on it overnight and rinse it out in the morning.

BYRDIE: What are your favorite hair products?

OC: I love Oribe shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo. I also like Ouai dry texturizing spray, shampoo, and conditioner and Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream.

BYRDIE: Do you have a favorite drugstore product?

OC: I love L'Oréal Elnett hair spray!

BYRDIE: How long does it take you to do your hair in the morning?

OC: It never takes me more than 15 minutes. I like to do things that are simple, so I use the new Ghd hair-dryer—it makes blow-drying quick and easy.

BYRDIE: What different cuts/styles/colors did you have growing up?

OC: I've actually always had natural highlights in the front of my hair, so the first time I highlighted was this past year. I just did light golden strands in the back with my hairdresser, Robert Ramos. I always liked to keep my hair really long growing up, but I got my first bob last year with Jen Atkin—that was a big step! Now it is more like a lob.

BYRDIE: What made you want to cut your hair short?

OC: I was just ready for a change, and I knew my hair would grow back really fast, so I went for it! I also didn't do it in one cut; I did it in increments—a couple inches shorter each cut.

BYRDIE: Do you prefer having shorter hair now over long hair?

OC: Yes, I do prefer shorter hair. It doesn't distract from whatever I'm wearing, so I think it's easier to pair with an outfit. I also think it's fun to play with different hairstyles during different phases of your life, and right now I'm really into the bob/lob trend.

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