The 11 Most Important Beauty Tips Olivia Culpo Has Taught Us

Updated 04/25/19

Olivia Culpo is many things: actress, model, style star, #flawless. But what we’ve come to learn in the last year is that this brunette stunner can also add beauty expert to her résumé. Over the past several months, Culpo has educated us with tips in a number of areas: how to apply makeup without a mirror, how to take better care of our skin, how to maintain impeccable brows—the list goes on. So today, in honor of her 24th birthday, we’ve culled our favorite tricks of the trade à la Culpo for you to keep in mind when going about your daily beauty routine. Keep clicking for her greatest tips and to shop some of her product essentials.


Nourish Your Skin When Flying

“Since traveling can cause my skin to act up, I take extra precautions when flying. While traveling, I always carry Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Formula Towelettes With Aloe ($19). I use these if my skin is feeling dirty, and I don’t have any way of washing my face.”


Eat More Greens; Steer Clear of Dairy

“After working with my esthetician, I began to understand that skin health goes far beyond how well you clean your skin every day or what you put on it topically. I realized the importance of a holistic skincare approach. To help with my breakouts, I started by changing my diet. I tried to incorporate more greens and cut out dairy. This made such a difference.”


Avoid Powder During the Day

“My current obsession is Dior Hydra Life Skin Tint ($45). Dewy skin is perfect for daytime because powder can become really cakey over time.”


You Don't Always Need a Makeup Brush

“I actually use [the bronze portion of the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette, $68] as a soft eye shadow. I don’t even use a brush. I just use the tip of my finger to dab a little on my eyelid and in the crease—very sparingly!”


Lip Liner First

“No matter what type of lip I’m feeling for the day, I always start by lining with my favorite lip pencil, MAC in Spice ($17). I’ve used this liner color for years. It’s perfect for pretty much every pink/nude/plum lip color.”


Fill Your Brows Lightly

“I love to use Anastasia’s Brow Wiz ($21). I just lightly fill in the places that may need a little more color. Then I will brush over the area so it blends in with the rest of the hair and doesn’t look too obviously penciled in.”


Air-Dry Before Curling

“My everyday hair routine is also very simple. I let my hair air-dry completely. Then I spray and tousle my hair with Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray ($26) to give it a little volume. With a one-inch curling wand (mine is by Amika, $100), I take one-inch chunks of hair and wrap them around the hair wand, holding the barrel horizontally.”


Tweeze Every Other Day

“I try to pluck my eyebrows every other day, and by ‘pluck,’ I mean I’ll pluck about 10 hairs, and that will be enough upkeep for the day. I would rather do a little at a time then just wait until they get really out of control. … I would say if you have thicker hair like me, you should aim to pluck about five to 10 hairs every day or every other day.”


Consider Your Brows a Staircase

“The trick to shaping your eyebrows and creating more of an arch is to keep the hair at the front of the brow shorter and the hair closer to the arch longer. I think of it as a staircase. Brush up your eyebrows, and make sure the hair at the arch is the highest point, and trim the hairs at an angle so the hair decreases in length at the front of the brow.”


Skip Mascara When Opting for a Natural Look

“My next secret weapon is the eyelash curler. This makes a huge difference for me. Sometimes I will just curl my lashes and skip mascara if I want a more natural look.”


Yoga Is Your Friend

“Yoga has been a lifesaver! It has really helped with relaxation, sleep, and balance between work and social life.”

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Opening Image: John Parra/WireImage

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