Exclusive: This Is How Olivia Culpo Gets Ready for a Night Out

Updated 02/12/18
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Olivia Culpo knows a thing or two about hair, makeup, and skincare. Whether she's setting new trends (like baby bangs), sharing her tips and tricks to achieving perfect arches, or giving us an inside look at her hydrating winter skincare routine, she has a long and varied history of proving her beauty know-how.

Her most recent beauty gig is acting as an ambassador for Ghd, the hair brand responsible for some of our favorite heat tools (like the Curve 1.25 Inch Soft Curl Iron, $199, which gives our hair those lived-in, beachy waves we love). She recently gave us a sneak peek inside her personal beauty routine as she was preparing for a Ghd press day. During her beauty prep, we were able to get a glimpse of her favorite products, along with her favorite makeup look for a night out. Let's just say it involves a sleek and smooth lob paired with a perfectly diffused cat eye.

Olivia Culpo

When it comes to early mornings, Culpo is just like us. She reaches for a cup of caffeine first thing. "Jet lag and long days call for a little caffeine fix to give me a quick boost," she says. "These almond milk lattes did the trick. On long days like this, it is so important stay energized or else I'll never make it through the day!"

Olivia Culpo

Just like early mornings call for coffee, press days call for an appointment with an expert makeup artist. In Culpo's case, that expert is Liz Castellanos. "For the ultimate date-night beauty, I always look to my makeup artist Liz to make sure I am photo-ready at all times! Note to self: Finish gigantic water bottle before Liz finishes my makeup!" Hydrating while getting glammed up? That's wellness and beauty goals.

Olivia Culpo

As for the makeup brands that Culpo and Castellanos look to? They include MAC, Tatcha, BareMinerals, and Ardell lashes (plus the new Ghd styler, which you can catch a glimpse of in the bottom right of the photo above). "If you know me, you know I love makeup and trying out different products and trends," Culpo says. "Beauty is about having fun and experimenting. Right now I am loving BareMinerals Powder Foundation ($29), Marc Jacobs Lipsticks ($30), and, of course, my new Ghd Gold Styler ($199), shown here.

It's plated with 18-karat gold!"

Olivia Culpo

For hair, Culpo had some help from celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan that morning. "What better way to start the day than with a fresh chop? Justine is a master with her tools and gave me a quick trim at 8 a.m. Don't worry, I brought her a coffee too," Culpo adds.

The look they were going for was decided well ahead of time, as it's Culpo's favorite for date night. "I personally love using the new Ghd gold styler because it's easy for styling my hair pin-straight, and the dual-zone technology prevents it from damaging my hair. You can also use it for S waves, curls, or even just to smooth out flyaways."

Olivia Culpo

Here's the final nighttime look—sleek and straight hair paired with a rosy-nude lip and a smokey cat eye. "I like to take my look from day to night by adding a cat eye for a little extra drama. Top the look off with a refresh on the lipstick, and you are ready to go," Culpo says.

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