"Pedicure Sandals" Are Now a Thing—and We Definitely Need Them, Right?


Olive & June

For most of us, the phrase "pedicure sandals" likely brings to mind either the ratty flip-flops we reserve for the nail salon or the flimsy paper "shoes" they give you when you forget the aforementioned ratty flip-flops. But leave it to aesthetically pleasing nail salon Olive & June to offer a much more elevated solution: The perennial L.A. cool-girl destination has teamed up with cult-fave shoe brand Charlotte Stone for a line of leather sandals that were specifically designed to be slipped on without the risk of ruining a wet pedicure. Not only that, but they're chic enough to wear from the salon to the office. Spoiler alert—you'll be living in these this summer.

Better yet, the Saturday Sandals ($65) are available in a variety of colors and can be tied up a number of ways. If your straps happen to break (or you lose them, which is the higher likelihood in my case), you can purchase a new set for $10.

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