Olive & June’s New Nail Treatments Will Strengthen Your Weak, Brittle Nails

Meet the brand's latest innovations: Nail Strengthener and Ridge Filler.

Olive & June

Byrdie / Olive & June

There are many things that make Olive & June stand out in the vast sea of nail care brands. But, what truly separates the buzzy nail company from the rest is that they have always been in tune with their consumer. If you take a quick dive into the brand, you'll immediately see that Olive & June has a genuine appreciation for customer feedback and thoughtfully shapes each of their products around it.

Take their innovative tools, The Poppy and The Posey, for example. The release of these cutting-edge nail products proved just how much the brand listens to our common manicure and pedicure pain points. And during the pandemic, Olive & June has been listening even more intently. At a time when many people cannot safely visit their nail salons, the brand has made it their mission to further equip consumers with everything they need to maintain their nails at home. And today, the brand is expanding its nail care offerings with the release of Nail Strengthener and Ridge Filler

Olive & June Nail Strengthener
Olive & June Nail Strengthener $14.00

For founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle, creating a nail strengthener has been top of mind for nearly two years. She says nail strength is the most asked-about topic amongst the Olive & June community next to cuticle hydration. "Creating Nail Strengthener was really obvious because the community wants to have nail strength—whether it be because their nails aren't growing, or they're experiencing a ton of peels, or they're experiencing a ton of breaks," Gibson Tuttle tells us. The product boasts a liquid, primer-like formula infused with celery seed extract, flora complex, and never-before-used Bis-GMA (a large-molecule bonder that boosts product adhesion). And unlike strengtheners you may have tried in the past, this one is a treatment and not just a topical. This means it absorbs into your nail bed, ultimately promoting healthier, stronger nails from within. 

Through multiple rounds of testing, Gibson Tuttle and her team have found that their Nail Strengthener produces impressive results in a short period. "We've had people that see results within a few days. It really depends on the extent of the damage," she says. Her advice is to apply the product under your manicure every week to achieve overall long-term nail strength. However, if you have significant damage, the nail expert suggests using it one to two times per day for at least a week.

Olive & June Ridge Filler
Olive & June Ridge Filler $14.00

The other half of Olive & June's Treatment Team, Ridge Filler, was not as highly requested by the brand's followers, but it still fills a glaring void in the market. "The population that has ridges in their nails struggles with getting their polish to lay really flat and perfect," Gibson Tuttle shares. Ridge Filler, a product designed to fill in the gaps on your nail plate, tackles this concern. It contains silica, a mineral well-equipped to hide the appearance of ridges, and vitamin E for conditioning purposes.

"While Ridge Filler is a product for a smaller percentage of the population, it still provides a huge sense of joy because it allows them to have a smooth manicure," Gibson Tuttle adds. 

With the release of such dynamic nail treatments, it's only natural to be curious about what Olive & June has up its sleeve for the remainder of the year. While Gibson Tuttle couldn't reveal everything just yet, she teased that there's a lot to come. "We definitely have a ton of color [polishes] coming out," she says. "We have some fun collaborations coming out. We have four to five innovations that we are working on. As soon as they're ready, we're bringing them out to the world. They are products that the world has not seen before."

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