Olive & June Just Launched a Kit That Will Help You Perfect Your At-Home Manicure


There are two reasons why at-home manicures are so difficult (and why they almost never warrant the same professional-looking results as in-salon manicures). The first reason is a lack of tools. Think about it: if you're not using a nail file, buffer, and cuticle serum, then it's not very likely that you'll mimic a professional manicure. The second reason why at-home manicures are so difficult is also the most frustrating reason: the fact that many of us lack the dexterity required to paint our right hand as well as we paint our left hand (or the other way around, depending on which hand is dominant). One hand could be perfectly painted, a portrait of pristine polish technique, while the other looks disappointingly streaky and smudged and sad.

Today, the beloved L.A. nail salon-turned-nail brand, Olive & June, might have just solved both of those issues with the launch of its latest at-home manicure kit. The kit, which is called the Studio Box, is a 10-piece collection of nail tools that has everything you could ever possibly want or need when conducting your own at-home manicure. It's well-designed, waste-free, and aesthetically pleasing (get ready to 'gram), and we're pretty sure it will change the at-home manicure game forever. Keep scrolling to see it for yourself.

Olive & June The Studio Box $50.00

The Studio Box contains 12 different nail tools, all of which have a real purpose (there are no frilly or unnecessary accessories here; you'll actually use everything that's inside). There is a set of straight-edge nail clippers, a nail file, a buffer, a clean up brush, a nail polish remover pot, a cuticle hydration serum, a five-step manicure guide, a polish and top coat, a travel pouch (to conveniently take all of this with you while traveling), and a manicure placemat for mess-free painting.

But that's only 11 tools; there's one more found inside the Studio Box. It's a curiously-shaped rubber circle that slides over the handle of any bottle of nail polish. It's called The Poppy Handle, and it's designed to give you better control of the nail polish brush, thanks to its grippy texture and large surface area. In other words, The Poppy Handle is the tool that will make the nails on your right hand look just as polished and perfected as the nails on your left hand (or vice versa).

Olive & June

As if that isn't enough, the kit has a built-in cell phone shelf meant for taking pictures of your finished at-home manicure (so even your Instagram photo can look like it was taken in a fancy nail salon). It also doubles as a space to stand your phone in order to watch nail tutorials as you paint. Like we said before, it has pretty much everything you could ever want or need for accomplishing the perfect DIY mani.

Aside from The Studio Box, which retails for $50 a piece, shoppers have the option to purchase The Tool Box ($42) and The Everything Box ($80). The former contains everything that The Studio Box does, except the polish and top coat. The latter contains everything The Studio Box does, along with every single Olive & June polish. They're all available for purchase now on the brand's website. So from us to you: happy painting.

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