Olive & June's Press-On Nails Create a Salon-Worthy Mani

The options are endless.

Olive and June Press on

Olive & June

There’s nothing like the feeling of a fresh mani. Looking down at nails covered in exactly the right shade of lacquer or a creative design makes autumn days just a little bit brighter. For many, sitting in a salon chair while you take a moment for yourself, relax, and leave the nail art to the pros is a favorite beauty self-care ritual. Trust me, as a nail enthusiast, I'm speaking from personal experiences.

Sadly, this practice was temporarily lost when many nail salons closed their doors for our collective safety last year. Thankfully, we're back to supporting our local nail spots, but the subsequent rise in popularity for press-on nails, a quick alternative for flawless manis at home, still hasn't abated since they reopened their doors. Press-on nails remain a quick, affordable fix for when you don't have the time or desire to head out—they can keep your nails looking fresh between appointments.

So, it comes as no surprise that everyone's nail bestie Olive & June is expandinng beyond its signature high-shine nail polishes and chic salons (which are excellent, by the way). “I knew that we were finally ready for press-ons,” explains Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder, and CEO of Olive & June. “I'm just obsessed with them.”

Ahead, learn how Olive & June is revolutionizing press-on nails with best-in-class options regardless of budget, nail size, or mani goal.

Olive and June Press on

Olive & June

The Inspiration

When Gibson Tuttle and her team decided to break into the press-on market, they knew they wanted to do things differently than other products that were available on the market. The result? Stylish, innovative nail sets designed using post-consumer recycled material (PCR). 

"We wanted to create a unique experience within the nail world. That is why it took us two years to launch press-ons," Tuttle confides in us about the origin of Olive & June's Instant Mani Press-On Nails ($10). "We really looked at what existed on the market to find out how we could overall cater to our community and what they care about. We wanted to create something that felt very Olive & June."

It was also crucial to create a non-toxic glue that would minimize any damage to nails. "I was hesitant to create press-ons for a number of reasons, including concerns about damaging nails with glue," the founder explains about their user-friendly adhesive. "Anything we create, I want to make sure it is safe for the nails and allows you to constantly change it, the way you can with polish."

The Designs

The Instant Mani Press-On Nails ($10) were designed to be both size and design inclusive. Sarah Gibson Tuttle, a fan of architecture and vintage styles, found it very important to have versatility in the collection to ensure all wearers could have the length and shape they'd love. 

Whether you're looking for a quick manicure that boasts a solid bold color or artistic design, the brand has you covered with a versatile collection that ensures all wearers have the look they want. Simply put: the brand offers four nail lengths (extra-short, short, medium, and long), four nail shapes (squoval, round, oval, almond), and 44 shades and designs.

Olive & June Instant Mani System
Olive & June The Instant Mani System $10.00

"We are launching almost double the number of sizes on the market with nails in this pack," she shared about the product that features 21 sizes in each kit. "The reality is that people have different size nails, and you want as many people as possible to feel included. If you don't have enough sizes, then it's only really going to cater to a certain segment of the population. Our mission is beautiful nails for everyone, and so this really fits into that." 

Some colors and styles will be evergreen, while others will be limited-edition. 

What’s Included

The Instant Mani Press-On Nails collection features everything you need for a fabulous manicure. Each kit includes 42 nails with sizing details, glue, a wood stick, a prep pad, and the file buffer. Other highlights of the packaging include a brochure that takes you through all the steps to applying your nails. There’s also the ability to use the slot on the side of the package to “try them on.”

Additionally, the new Press-On Mani System offers a customizable set, which can include cuticle serum, silicone tabs, nail strengthener, and other high-end tools. “I actually love the way my nails perform underneath these press-ons because they kind of let them grow out,” Tuttle shares about the strengthener that protects nail enamel. There’s also a press-on removal system that is sold separately.

Olive & June

Olive & June

How To Make Them Last

If you want your nails to last for up to a week, Gibson Tuttle reveals that the brand has all the instructions you need. The prep step is most important. 

Start by pushing back cuticles (she likes to use the larger thumbs to do this for a more rounded shape), before using the prep pad to remove any oil from the nail plate.  “If you have any sort of oil on your nail plate, your press-on just isn't going to adhere because there's a barrier, a layer in between your nail and the glue.”

Follow up with the Nail Strengthener ($14) to prime the nails prior to gluing on the nails. “The nail strengthener has an adhesive in it, it also has our primer in it so that's another reason why we put it in our Instant Mani System.”

Sarah Gibson Tuttle reminds us just how important the Cuticle Serum Duo ($30) is to keeping the nails appearing fresh throughout the wear: “You need to be applying cuticle serum every single day, two-three times a day to maintain that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look. If you don’t want your manicure to last an extended period of time, she recommends applying less glue. 

Never be afraid to put on a little bit more glue. The reality is, if you want them to last, you've got to add a healthy amount of adhesive. It's all about, maximizing that manicure for as long as you want it.

The Review

Emerald Elitou

Emerald Elitou

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I'm the self-proclaimed "Press-on Princess™." Every week, I turn on my favorite tunes and happily achieve a quick alternative to manicure with a new pack of press-on nails. I personally find it serves as an instant mood booster before diving into a busy workweek. 

As a big fan of the brand, I was elated to learn about Olive & June's move into creating fashionable faux nails. I was pleased to learn that not only were the nails stronger than others on the market, but they also came with twice as many nails as what is usually offered.

I followed the application instructions in the brochure that came with the set, and I was ecstatic about the results. The process was straightforward and simple—as I am accustomed to. However, I was finally able to make all ten nails identical without having to measure each one thanks to the numbering on the nails and the brochure, which I was quickly able to fill out for future reference.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the durability! Mine lasted all week. The nail strengthener was also a welcomed goodie, as it allowed me to wear the collection without the fear of damaging my natural nails. Talk about press-on goals! 

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