Olive & June’s New Launch Takes the Guesswork Out of At-Home Pedicures

The pedicure system was created to rid you of your Pedi panic.

Olive & June

 Olive & June/ Designed by Cristina Cianci

In a flawless reality, our weekend plans would consist of meeting our besties in the city, grabbing some brunch, and enjoying an afternoon mani-pedi sesh at our favorite nail salon. While nail salons in most states have reopened, you may, understandably, still be wary to visit.

The mere thought of doing our own pedicure left us biting our nails in a panic. Struggling to find the perfect angle to polish our toes can leave us with backaches from the bad posture we endure for the perfect DIY pedi. Well, Olive & June felt our pain and created an entire system to pamper out tootsies without any of the awkwardness.

After years of research and development, the brand that stems from the LA salon of the same name just announced the launch of their Pedicure System ($100)—an innovative all-in-one kit that’s removing the guesswork to perfecting your pedicure from the comfort of your own home. The notable items inside include six long-lasting polishes of your choice, several custom foot care tools, and a foot serum inspired by their award-winning Cuticle Serum ($30), that promises smooth and soft feet thanks to its ultra-hydrating, vitamin-rich formula.

We especially love the “Posey,” a patent-pending footrest that was expertly designed to elevate the feet and nix the need to prop them up on the coffee table. There’s even a hidden surprise according to Sarah Gibson Tuttle, the Founder/CEO of Olive & June. "It's not only a foot stand, but it is also a storage system for all the tools," Tuttle shares with Byrdie exclusively.

To use: simply pop off the Posey lid, place it on the floor, and rest your foot on the lid for a comfortable position to prep and polish. For even more of a lift, the two sides of the case fit together to prop your foot up higher.

After personally testing every tool and position to create the ultimate all-in-one system, Tuttle admits she is excited to provide a solution to your at-home spa treatment. "We were inspired to create this system because the number one issue at our salon is chipped nails. If you empower people to do it themselves, then they can fix it."

Tuttle's advice for using the Posey is to position yourself on the floor with your back against your couch. She's learned after many trials, this position gives you the closest look at your toenails without compromising your posture. Dear Olive & June, our lumbar area thanks you for the support (literally).

Olive & June Pedi System
Olive & June THE PEDI SYSTEM $100.00

Visit Oliveandjune.com you get your hands on the Pedicure system. 

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