Ole Henriksen's AHA Night Créme Saved My Winter Skin

All the benefits of an acid, no irritation.

Ole Henriksen Dewtopia Firming Night creme

Ole Henriksen

Most skincare professionals will tell you that the key to a glowing and clear complexion is regularly using an acid. One of those acids is the Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment ($59), which became a cult fave shortly after launching thanks to its ability to slough away dead skin cells and diminish fine lines and texture. Today, Ole Henriksen expands the Dewtopia collection with the Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Night Crème ($60), which contains a blend of AHAs and stem cells to fortify the skin. Ahead, the brand's founder, Ole Henriksen himself, and Vice President of Skincare Development at Ole Henriksen, Riva Barak, give us all the details.

The Inspiration

As you may have expected, the new Dewtopia cream was inspired by the success of the original night treatment. "This potent night serum became a global best-seller based on its transformative powers tackling aging and improving skin texture to deliver your dream skin overnight," Henriksen tells Byrdie. Barak adds that the brand believes in the power of AHAs and their ability to resurface the skin, improve elasticity, and reduce the appearance of both hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. She says that the brand wanted to harness these powers "while enveloping skin in an intensely hydrating, nourishing, and cocooning texture that gives overnight and long-term transformative skin results."

In addition, many of the products Ole Henriksen launched in the past year harnessed the power of lemon, which the team continued with the Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Night Crème as well. This cream contains lemon fruit extract in a proprietary blend that renews the skin and adds brightness to the complexion. Says Barak, "We love and embrace the natural power of citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, that contain powerful skin revitalizing and transforming compounds and ingredients, such as acids/AHAs, vitamin C, [and] enzymes."

You may be wondering what the major differences between the cream and the original acid treatments are, and Barak has you covered. "In evaluating concentrated acid products, we felt there was a need to reinvent the concept of an AHA-rich night cream that could deliver all the benefits of AHAs, but in a formula that truly replenishes, restores, and renews while it treats," she explains. "The rich but incredibly comfortable cream encompasses the true essence and philosophy of the Ole Henriksen brand—a potent, results-driven treatment combined with skin nourishing and replenishing ingredients to truly transform and support your skin."

The Formula

As the name suggests, the Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Night Crème contains a blend of AHAs, including both glycolic acid and lactic acid, that melts dead skin cells at the surface to reveal a glowing complexion underneath and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Since this formula contains AHAs, the team recommends alternating this product with your retinoid, if you use one. If you're skeptical about giving up your retinoid every other night, this formula contains bakuchiol, a plant-derived retinol alternative to boost collagen and elastin production while being gentle enough for sensitive skin types.

The formula also contains holy basil, milk thistle, algae, chamomile and licorice root extracts, which Barak explains is "a complex of calming and soothing ingredients that provide the perfect balance to the AHAs and chemical exfoliation." To help nourish the skin and counteract any dryness that may come with acids, this formula also contains shea butter, and linoleic and linolenic acids that work synergistically to support the moisture barrier.

But, the ingredient closest to Henriksen's roots? "Inspired by my Scandinavian heritage, a key ingredient in the formulation is edelweiss stem cells," says Henriksen. "The resilient and powerful antioxidant from the mountain regions in Scandinavia [helps] to firm and prevent collagen loss."

My Review

As I'm nearing 27, I'm noticing a few lines settling into places I've never seen before, mainly on my forehead and around my lips (especially now that winter dryness is here to stay). Additionally, I now know why "texture" is a skin care concern for so many—I'm noticing that as the years go on, not only is gravity taking a toll on my skin, but my complexion even feels dull if I skip a few rounds of exfoliation. I've been using the Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Night Crème for about a month, and I love that it has a creamy texture that melts into my skin like butter, adding a plump glow to my complexion that lasts throughout the night.

Izzy wears Ole Henriksen Dewtopia Night Creme

Isabella Sarlija

Sure, this crème isn't a magic eraser (or Botox) that'll entirely diminish my developing lines. Still, I've noticed that my skin has an overall even texture and supple, moisturized feel that I thought was only manageable during the warmer months when humidity rises. So it's safe to say that the Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Night Crème has gained a permanent spot in my nightly skin regime.

Dewtopia 5% AHA Firming Night Crème
Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 5% AHA Firming Night Crème $60.00

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