I Tried a Peel-Off Body Mask, Here's What I Thought

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Michelle Rostamian

Masks and I go together like milk and cookies. Unless my skin is feeling ultra-sensitive, I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to trying out new formulas. And while I don't discriminate against the type of mask I use (I love sheet masks for their cooling feeling and clay masks for how well they detoxify), but I have a special place in my heart, and beauty cabinet, for peel-off masks. When I got word that Olay was launching a peel-off body mask, I knew my dry skin and I had to put it to the test. The Kaolin Clay Peel-Off Body Mask ($8), which promises to purify, exfoliate, and refresh the skin, sounds like everything my parched skin needs. Below, find out everything you need to know about how this peel-off body mask works and feels, and if it's worthy of being added to your masking repertoire.


  • Easy to peel off
  • Feels cooling and soothing as it dries
  • Softens dry skin


  • Overbearing scent
  • Single-use

Bottom Line

The Olay Kaolin Clay Peel-Off Body Mask is a unique alternative to exfoliating cleansers and offers immediate skin-softening results.

Olay Kaolin Clay Peel-Off Body Mask


BEST FOR: Dry, combination, sensitive skin

USES: Exfoliant, purifying, cleansing

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Mandelic, lactic, salicylic, tartaric, and malic acids

BYRDIE CLEAN: No, contains aluminum hydroxide


ABOUT THE BRAND: Olay is a Procter & Gamble skincare line dedicated to providing science-backed products at attainable prices.

About My Skin: Rough with dry patches

My skin has always erred on the dryer side. From time to time I battle eczema (mainly on my legs and arms), making body butters a staple in my body care routine. I steer clear of harsh cleansers and instead opt for products containing super moisturizing ingredients (namely glycerin, peptides, and fatty acids). My skin typically freaks out during a season change (flaking, drying up, feeling rough to the touch—you name it). And while I don't typically do anything more than exfoliating and (heavily) moisturizing when it comes to body care, I've always felt like I should be taking better care of the skin on my body, like I do the skin on my face.

Olay Kaolin Clay Purifying Body Mask
Olay Kaolin Clay Purifying Body Mask $8.00

The Feel: Hydrogel meets peel-off mask

The product comes in powder form and is packaged in a bucket-like container. It's equipped with a small spatula for mixing the powder with water, but I found it handy for application as well. According to the brand, you're supposed to add enough water to reach the line located on the side of the container, and mix using the spatula. Through trial and error, I realized to ensure an ideal consistency, it's best to mix in small amounts of water at a time until it becomes paste. Rather than smoothing it onto my skin with my hands, I preferred using the spatula for application. (To be effective, the mask has to be applied in a thick, even layer for easy peeling, and the spatula allows for more control.)

After two minutes the mask begins to dry, and feels slightly cooling, which my thirsty skin appreciated. If a hydrogel mask were in peel-off form, this mask is what it would feel like (think: thick and putty-like). Make sure the mask is applied in an even layer, particularly around the edges, otherwise you'll find yourself having to rinse off certain areas that won't peel.

Olay Kaolin Clay Peel-Off Body Mask
Michelle Rostamian

The Scent: Strong and off-putting

Immediately upon opening the lid I took a strong whiff. The scent is one thing I can't stand behind with this product, and I'm fairly used to (and quite enjoy) scents in my products. If you're sensitive to scents, you'll likely find this off-putting.

The Results: Baby-soft skin

It was incredibly easy to peel this mask, and unlike facial peel-off masks, this one doesn't "rip" off—because of the thick layer, it feels much gentler on the skin. And while I didn't feel any exfoliation, my skin did feel especially soft to the touch—like I had just applied a light body cream. In a blind touch test, I could rub my fingers over my skin and be able to tell where the mask was applied.

Olay Body Mask Swatch
Michelle Rostamian

The Value: It can add up

While eight dollars may sound fairly attainable for a mask, bear in mind this mask is single-use, meaning after you've mixed it with water you'll have to use it all up and toss it (unless you transfer a small amount of powder into another container and save the rest for another time). This can add up, especially if you're applying the mask on larger parts of your body.

Similar Products: You have options

Frank Body Glow Mask, which sits at an under-$25 price tag, is meant to be applied in the morning post-exfoliating and moisturizing. Its formula is chock-full of skin-loving, glow-inducing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, as well as goji berry extract.

True Botanicals Resurfacing Body Mask is a lactic acid-based mask that gives skin a proper exfoliation to rid it of dryness, dead skin cells, and bumps. The result is skin that's free of that dull, scaly appearance.

Our Verdict: Save it for dry patches

This mask is perfect for areas that have the tendency to get dry (like the elbows and knees). It's softening, easy to use, and delivers immediate results, making it perfect for quick application.

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