These Are the Best Oil-Free Acne Washes, Hands Down

We feel kind of bad for our face wash. It's only on our face for about 30 seconds max—that's if we commit to massaging and recirculating our tired complexions—and it's pretty much the most uninteresting member of our skincare collection. Which would you rather shop for? A serum or a face wash? Thought so. Therein lies our point. Of course, that doesn't mean being strategic and savvy with your face wash of choice should fall to the wayside. Even though cleansers are the first and most fleeting step in our skincare routine, finding a formula well-suited to skin type and skincare goals is paramount. If you struggle with acne and oil, finding a gentle yet de-gunking, bump-blasting, and oil-free tour de force is one of the best coping mechanisms you can enforce for a breakout-ridden face.

Not sure where to start? We've got you. We researched, cross-checked reviews, and stealthily decoded ingredient lists to find the best oil-free acne washes to equip your vanities with this year. Oh, and because we always want to make sure there's something for everyone, we found top-notch acne-fighting, oil-free options at every single price point. (Yep, some even cost less than that coffee you're clutching.) Keep scrolling for 10 oil-free acne washes that are 100% Byrdie-approved. Trust us, your midday, bump-inducing greasies don't stand a chance!)