Confirmed: These 6 Beauty Trends Are the Next Big Thing

Fashion week—eight full days of running around (in the snow), overanalyzing your outfit, drinking too much coffee (and a few cocktails), and picking up hints about the forthcoming season's biggest trends. And while we can complain all we want about our tired feed and puffy eyes, getting up close and personal with all the brand-new products and experts to teach us how to use them is thrilling. This time around, designers blessed us with looks we can't wait to wear, and guess what—we don't have to.

Individualism and unique twists on traditional fall and winter trends took the center stage this season, allowing models and attendees to do their own thing. We're talking face gloss, low-maintenance ponytails (for when your hair is 90% dry shampoo), statement lashes, and, yes, glitter tears. Intrigued? Keep clicking.