This NYC Salon Offers Meditation Sessions During Your Hair Appointment

Meditation has surged in popularity over the past few years thanks to growing research and testimony that says it can benefit the mind and body. There's something to be said for taking time away from your phone or computer to breathe, set intentions, and quiet your ceaseless thoughts. Over time, the practice can result in a calmer, more peaceful, and more present kind of lifestyle.

The lifestyle has made its way into technology in the form of various meditation apps and even been connected with food and our dining habits; the practice of mindful eating has become commonplace. Now meditation is even making its way into hair salons—or one specific hair salon, at least.

Celebrity stylist Oscar Blandi's namesake NYC salon now offers complimentary meditation sessions during each customer's hair appointment. It's definitely unique and innovative, but we have a feeling it will quickly become the norm as the line between beauty and wellness blurs.