Love Lisa Says Gah? Now You Can Rent Your Favorites

Your next fashion fling awaits.

Model wearing a yellow short and sweater set with a cherry print along the hem.

Nuuly x Lisa Says Gah

When warmer weather rolls around every year, it's hard to resist the urge to swap out your tired, boring clothes for new pieces that reflect the season's optimism. There might not be a brand that embodies this brightness more than Lisa Says Gah, an online boutique and sustainable clothing line known for its impossible-not-to-smile prints and color play. Your favorite Scandi cool girl brands like Ganni and Paloma Wool? Carried on the site. New darlings, like Birthday Girl and Born Supply? Yes and yes.

This time around, there' a way to indulge in the siren song of reinvention through Lisa Says Gah's partnership with Nuuly, the clothing rental subscription service from Urban Outfitters, Inc. Built for fashion-lovers with limited closet space and a mind toward sustainability, Nuuly's offerings are always unique. No drab little black dresses here. Offerings range from vintage to maternity, with just the outfit for whatever the occasion. Even if the occasion is simply seeking new inspiration for mixing up the closet you already have.

Model wearing a colorful mini dress from Lisa Says Gah x Nuuly collaboration.

Nuuly x Lisa Says Gah

A Nuuly Rent account offers thousands of styles from over 300 designer and contemporary brands, including Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. On top of rentals, the site offers secondhand shopping and selling through Nuuly Thrift, a peer-to-peer resale marketplace.

Now, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, thanks to the brands' recent collaboration, Nuuly Says Gah! Inspired by all of spring and summer's greatest hits—fresh flowers, colorful fruits, and trips to the farmer's market—the collection is the embodiment of what it feels like to step out without a jacket for the first time in months. Prints include a vintage rug pattern, fresh produce, and a Nuuly-exclusive print called Nonna's Wallpaper. Matched up with bestselling silhouettes Lisa Says Gah has mastered, pieces range from mini skirts to matching sets. The entire collection is ethically produced, and predominantly made in California.

Model wearing a yellow checked skirt set from Lisa Says Gah x Nuuly collab.

Nuuly x Lisa Says Gah

"Lisa Says Gah was founded on a desire to create an anti-shop kind of shop that could provide an alternative to fast fashion," shares Lisa Bühler, Lisa Says Gah's Founder and CEO. "Together with Nuuly, we are excited to bring back some of Lisa Says Gah’s most beloved styles, including our best-sellers like The Robyn Jean, and Victoria Wrap Dress, and favorite prints like the farmer’s market print updated in new colors.” Turns out the admiration is mutual. Nuuly's Head of Product, Sky Pollard, shares, “Lisa Says Gah has been an important brand partner for Nuuly Rent since we launched at the end of Summer 2019. Lisa’s quirky, fun, thoughtful and inclusive aesthetic has resonated with our customers all along, and we were thrilled when Lisa and her team signed on for a collaboration with us."

With highlights like a yellow knit short and sweater set trimmed in a bright red cherry print and a glorious pair of navy trousers printed all over with fruit, there's no better opportunity to test out a more colorful way of dressing. Embrace the whimsy of a pair of yellow and white overalls! Experiment with a bucket hat! Spring is here. Getting dressed is fun. Nuuly and Lisa Says Gah are here to make the seasonal draw toward metamorphosis as easy and as sustainable as possible.

Model wearing a produce print jeans and jacket from Lisa Says Gah x Nuuly collaboration.

Nuuly x Lisa Says Gah

As of May 11, the two brands have teamed up to offer a 13-piece collection, available to rent exclusively on Nuuly's website. Subscribers can access up to six items from the collection, which offers pieces in sizes XS-3XL, for $88 a month. The retail value of pieces ranges from $108-$310. Check out the full collection over on Nuuly's website.

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