10 Things Nutritionists Eat (That You Don't)


Gather & Feast

If I had all the money in the world, I would absolutely hire a live-in nutritionist. Whenever I meet someone with a degree in nutrition, all I want to do is pick their brain. I suppose it's because I find it completely fascinating that a nutritionist's field of study directly applies to their everyday life, at least three times a day. When you know exactly which foods are bad for you and which foods are good, what do your meals looks like?

Curious to learn about the foods nutritionists eat that the rest of us never learned about in school, I got in touch with a panel of trusted experts. I asked them to name the quirkiest food items they've introduced to their diet since studying nutrition, and their answers did not disappoint. (Have you ever heard of Sorghum? Nope—neither had I.)

Keep scrolling to learn about 10 healthy but strange foods nutritionists swear by! Of course, never hesitate to reach out to your doctor when considering any long-term dietary changes.