I Ate Like Bella Hadid for 7 Days, and This Is What Happened



I recently found myself at a crossroads: I had been doing my body-loving thing for six months, and I was feeling really good—until I wasn’t. I had toned up by making really small, easy-to-follow changes to my diet and exercise routines. Suddenly I realized some of the weight had crept back along my waistline and my diet wasn’t as clean as it once was. It sucked; I felt totally stuck. But I wasn’t willing to let it all go to waste (or to my waist, in this case). I had been so happy. Finally, the way I looked reflected the way I felt. So I decided to bring out the big guns.

That meant contacting Charles Passler, DC, a notable nutritionist in the industry who boasts incredible results with models and celebrities alike. I made an appointment and was immediately nervous. I was wading into uncharted territory. Usually, I stick to a “don’t be too hard on yourself” kind of attitude when it comes to my diet, but this detox sounded hard and limiting. If you look at Passler’s roster of clients, though, it obviously worked.