Watch This Buzzy Face-Sculpting Device in Action

From this editor's POV, there's no question that the latest frontier in the beauty market circles around at-home skincare devices. Bringing the dermatologist's office into our bathrooms is the M.O. du jour, via a vast array of handheld lasers, microcurrent devices, and ultrasonic infusers—and the options have expanded so quickly that it can be difficult to single out the truly innovative from all the flashy hype.

But believe it or not, one of the most intriguing (and effective) devices we've encountered thus far doesn't house electric currents or color-coded light—in fact, it doesn't even have an "on" switch. Nurse Jamie's very buzzy Uplift Tool ($69)—enthusiastically endorsed by everyone from Khloé Kardashian to our own co-founder Hillary Kerr—takes the ritual of facial massage to the next level, via a rotating hexagonal wand embedded with cooling tourmaline stones. The aim is to efficiently stimulate circulation, contour facial muscles, and diminish puffiness within minutes—and trust us when we say that it seriously delivers.

So how exactly does it work? Watch the video below to get more details and see the tool in action.

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