I Found Out Jesinta Franklin Loves This Lip Plumper, So I Got It Too


It's been more than a decade since I completed the course of Roacctuane that transformed my skin for the better. While I have good things to say about the acne medication, in some ways it did leave me worse for wear. (It's a serious, and potentially toxic drug, after all.) My super-dry complexion eventually came back to life, but my lips weren't so lucky. Keeping them flake-free and plump is still a constant battle. (I have dozens of tubes of Lanolips' 101 Ointment squirreled away in more places than you can imagine.)

To ward off dehydration I obsessively layer on nourishing balms, and regularly buff them with a baby wipe. (I don't bother with the old toothbrush trick—if you ask me it's BS.) Until very recently, this had been my lip-smoothing routine, and by and large I was happy with it. Cut to a few weeks ago when a friend alerted me to a kooky gizmo being used on Jesinta Franklin by makeup artist Normie

Take a peek below.

Nurse Jamie NuLipsRX Lip System $30

This cutesy silicone scrubber comes with a hyaluronic acid-rich balm—together the duo are meant to both smooth and boost lips. Knowing Jesinta is a fan (also a billion other celebrities), I hit up the PR for Net-a-Porter to call one in. Slightly skeptical it'd work for me (remember: I don't rate the toothbrush trick every other beauty editor swears by), I was pleasantly surprised to find it did.

To use, you're instructed to move the brush in circular motions over damp lips, then follow up with the balm. I went off script and used the balm instead of water to moisten my pout. (I prefer the second approach, but you do you.) The result? Soft lips that also looked subtly bigger. That's a win in my books. While I'm not about to ditch my balm and baby wipe routine just yet, I have incorporated the lip system into my nightly skincare regime. 

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