The NuFace Just Got a Facelift

Meet the NuFace Trinity+.

NuFace Trinity+ microcurrent tool on a blue background


Whenever I use an at-home facial device, there's really only one thing going through my mind: Am I doing this right? No matter how many times I read the directions, I'm always at least halfway convinced I missed something. Thankfully, with NuFace's newest device, the NuFace Trinity+ ($395), there's zero guesswork.

Four years in the making, NuFace's latest device is all about ease of use—well, and results. With the new device comes the new NuFace App, complete with step-by-step tutorials and tools to track your progress. Want something even more personalized? With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your device directly to the app and choose from three different modes—Skin-Tightening, Instant-Lift, and Pro-Toning.

Next, simply choose your treatment (like the 5-minute facial-lift, the neck lift, or the advanced 15-minute facial-lift) and follow the instructions. The app tells you exactly what to do: where to apply the microcurrent activator, which areas to focus on, and how long to focus on each. In other words, you won't ever have to wonder if you're doing doing something wrong.

Ahead, all the details on NuFace's latest launch—plus, our honest review on the NuFace Trinity+.

NuFace Trinity+

Best For: Toning skin

Price: $395

Product Claims: Microcurrent facials that tighten and contour skin with bluetooth connectivity for easy customization

Why We Love It: Instant and long-term results, ease of use

The Product

The NuFace is a microccurent device, and works by imitating the body's natural current, which tends to slow down with age. By stimulating the facial muscles, this device can help tone, lift, and contour the skin. This means instant results, and with consistent use, longterm changes. According to the brand, 90% of users immediately noticed a more lifted appearance, and 91% thought their cheeks looked more contoured.

The newest NuFace model also comes with the brand-new "boost" button, which delivers 25% more microcurrent exactly where you want it, to tailer the treatments specifically to your needs. The Trinity + is also sleeker than previous models, and the micocurrent attachment can be magnetically switched out for the LED or targeted eye and lip attachments.

But the NuFace device is only the half of it. The NuFace Trinity+ system also comes with an aqua gel activator and a silk crème activator, which both help conduct the microcurrent. You can use either as a pretreatment before starting your facial for maximum results.

NuFace Trinity+
NuFace Trinity+ Starter Kit $395.00

The device and conductors, combined with the app's easy-to-follow instructions, make for a seamless process that's pretty much impossible to mess up, so it can be a great option for beginners.

How to Use

For best results, start with clean, dry skin. Then, with your fingers or a brush, spread a layer of the Aqua Gel Activator or Silk Crème Activator on your skin—starting with whichever area you want to target first. Make sure the layer is thick, like the consistency of a face mask.

Then, turn on your device. With light to medium pressure, press the NuFace against your skin. Move the device in an upward motion, up along your jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrows. Continue for five to fifteen minutes, depending on your choice of facial. (Reminder: If you connect through the app, all of these instructions are outlined for you.) Once you finish, you can rub in the leftover activator for extra hydration.

My Review

NuFace Trinity + Before and After

Hannah Kerns

I've never tried a microcurrent device before, but I've always been intrigued by the NuFace. I saw the before-and-after photos, was instantly jealous, and wanted to try for myself. Of course, I was a little nervous about investing in such a high-end skincare product. What if it didn't work for me? What if I messed it up? Is it safe to use?

The NuFace is FDA-cleared, so that assuaged a major component of my worry, but the rest of it was still there. Luckily, after using it (with the help of the app), I felt confident that I was doing it justice. Although I didn't notice face-lift-level results—though I've only tried it once—my face did look more contoured and my eyebrows seemed more lifted. I'm excited to keep using it and seeing if I notice any more drastic changes as time goes on.

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