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Makeup industry vet Jenny Frankel founded Nudestix with her daughters, Taylor and Ally, when she realized they couldn't find the kind of makeup that they wanted to wear.

"My daughters wanted makeup that was fun, light, effortless," family matriarch Jenny tells Byrdie. "Instead, in 2014, all we were seeing was unattainable models and beauty standards, and really loud, artistic makeup. "Skinimalism" wasn't really a thing yet. We wanted to make easy, effortless makeup for real women—at every skill set—that just makes you the best version of you."


FOUNDED: Jenny, Taylor, and Ally Frankel, in 2014

BASED IN: Toronto


BEST KNOWN FOR: Easy, multitasking makeup crayons for women on the go

MOST POPULAR PRODUCTS: Tinted Blur Stick, Nudies Bronze Stick

FUN FACT: Nudestix takes a "life cycle" approach to their packaging, and has a sustainable recycling program for returning containers called Save a Tin.


For the Frankels that meant creating the brand's signature makeup crayons to start: easy, multi-use chubby sticks made for busy working women who need something quick and effortless. That quickly expanded into a variety of products—from cream concealers and liquid eyeliners to, most recently, a skincare collection—but the brand ethos always remained the same: convenient, easy-to-use makeup for the everyday, on-the-go girl. "Whether you're 18 or 60," says Jenny. "It's meant for moms, career women—anyone who's busy or active and just needs something that fits into their routine, something they can throw in their bag."

Not only are Nudestix products designed to be convenient and effortless to use, they're formulated to actually work, big-time. "We formula-test on real people, real skin tones, real skin types," Jenny says. "We include ingredients in our face makeup that offer real efficacy."

Nudestix's cream formulas have become a signature for the brand, as well as the professional-level finish that comes with them. "Makeup artists use them all the time on photo shoots," says Jenny. "Because they're just so long-lasting and high-performance with a photo-perfect finish."

It almost sounds too good to be true, but after trying the products for myself to see what all the hype was about, I can confirm that Nudestix really does walk the walk—especially when it comes to sustainability. The brand offers a recycling program for customers to send back their empty reusable tins if they don't want them: "We take responsibility for the life cycles of our packaging and products. The packaging and tins are already eco-friendly and recyclable, and with our Save a Tin program, we send them a compostable bag for them to simply send back to us with their empty tins." The Frankels also say they make it a point to create products that will last, and last, and last. "We make high-quality, ethically made products that will last you a long time, which in and of itself is more sustainable than cheap, low-quality products."

With clean, natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, high-performance formulas, and sleek, pretty branding, it's no wonder Nudestix is such a hit. Read on for our top picks from Nudestix.

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Nudies Bronze Stick

Nudestix Nudies Bronze
Nudestix Nudies Bronze Stick $34.00

Fun fact: Nudestix sells one "nudie"—the brand's signature crayon category—globally every two and a half minutes, according to Jenny. And while the multi-use crayons come in a variety of forms—including "Blush" and "Glow"—the "Bronze" iteration is a longtime bestseller for its ability to add an instant sun-kissed vibe to any makeup look with hardly any effort.

The stick is dual-ended with a soft cream bronze on one side and a blending brush on the other. Simply swipe it, blend it, and voilà. Also: It's good for using on your lips and eyelids, too, for an allover monochrome look.

The Bronze Stick comes in five unique shades—from rosy to "deep terracotta"—so you can find the perfect match for your skin tone.

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Tinted Blur Stick

Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick
Nudestix Tinted Blur Stick $32.00

Another "Nudie" and on-the-go essential is Nudestix's Tinted Blur Stick—an innovative light-reflecting "mineral stick" complete with shade-adjusting pigments formulated to blend with your natural skin tone flawlessly.

I use it as a concealer, covering up blemishes, under-eye bags, and pores that need minimizing. But the best thing about the Tinted Blur Stick is you can use it for so many other things, too—like allover as a blurring primer or skin tint, as a cream highlighter, or as a contour stick if you play with different shades. Now that's versatility.

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Nudefix Concealer

Nudestix Nudefix Concealer
Nudestix Nudefix Concealer $28.00

When it comes to face products, it's no secret that Nudestix is one of the biggest innovators in the game. "We were actually one of the first brands to really expand the popularity and usage of cream formulas—creams melt into your skin, and look like skin, while getting you that perfect finish. And we discovered that from testing," says Jenny.

And one of those formulas that's always popular? "Our customers love our face products, but especially our Nudefix Cream Concealer," Jenny says.

The stalwart product soothes and diminishes redness, blurs the appearance of blemishes and pores, and brightens dark circles with its buildable, sheer-to-medium coverage—all while hydrating and adding moisture. "We take a skincare-first approach to makeup and include good-for-your-skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants," says Jenny.

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Tinted Cover Foundation

Nudestix Tinted Cover Foundation
Nudestix Tinted Cover Foundation $36.00

Again, Nudestix takes a "skinimalist" approach to makeup, with lightweight formulas made to keep your skin looking like, well, skin.

"Caking on makeup just to cover up imperfections, that's not what we do," Jenny says. "We want to treat the skin, hydrate it, make it look plump and juicy but without accentuating pores and textures. Formulas that feel lightweight on the skin." And that's exactly what Nudestix gave us with its Tinted Cover Foundation, a buildable liquid formula jam-packed with Korean skincare-inspired natural extracts (including lavender oil).

Using a "dot and dab" approach to application, I've found the Tinted Cover Foundation goes a long way in evening-out texture, giving me a subtle glow, and generally brightening my complexion. While it doesn't offer a ton of coverage for blemishes or breakouts, it's perfect if you're looking for something lightweight.

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Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm

Nudestix Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm
Nudestix Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm $26.00

One of the major tenets of Nudestix's brand is its multitasking, multifunctional products. And Nudestix's bestselling Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm—meant to be used as both a lip color and a blush—fits right into that category. With an ultra-hydrating, moisture-rich formula complete with "lip-protecting plant oils" derived from sunflower, soybeans, and more natural sources, you can feel good about slathering it on all over, too.

Just swipe it across your lips and the apples of your cheeks, then blend. My personal review? On my lips, it gives a "wet look" that even my glassiest glosses can't compete with—and on my cheeks, it gives my complexion a dewy, hydrated, healthy glow.

Overall, a 10/10 product that's perfect for someone busy like me, who appreciates a "less is more" approach to my makeup routine. And from what I've gathered, that seems to be Nudestix's mantra, too. Fellow makeup minimalists, it appears we've officially met our match.

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