Nudestix Is Making Its Body Care Debut With 3 Very Potent Exfoliating Products

Sofia Richie for Nudestix nudebody products launch

Nudestix / Nudebody / Sofia Richie

My daytime and nighttime skincare rituals have always included the works—a double cleanse, toner, serums, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF in the morning. However, all this attention on my face has often made me think, Am I neglecting my body? So when I heard Nudestix (the popular vegan makeup brand founded by Taylor Frankel and her mom Jenny Frankel) was coming out with Nudebody, an entire bodycare system, I was more than ready to create a below-the-neck routine once and for all. 

The range officially launches on March 22 in partnership with Sofia Richie, the brand's newly appointed Nude Beauty Director. "Way before our collaboration, I was a Nudestix fan, so when they came to me, I was super excited about it," Richie says during a Zoom meeting ahead of the launch. The investor adds that the brand's clean vegan formulas, including this newest launch, have long worked for her acne-prone skin. "Bodycare is something I love; I'm constantly applying moisturizer all over. I carry it with me in my car, so when they had the idea, I jumped to it," she notes. 

Ahead, learn more about Nudestix's body-care essentials. Plus, read my honest review of the products. 

The Inspiration

If you've ever tried Nudestix's best-selling eye crayons or contour sticks, you know simplicity is at the brand's core. All products are vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and synthetic fragrance-free. That same philosophy goes for its facial skincare line, Nudeskin, and now Nudebody. "With Nudebody, we looked to create an easy-to-use three-step regimen with gentle but powerful ingredients for those looking for an efficacious skincare routine with immediate results," co-founder and chief skincare advisor Ally Frankel says. 

The Products

This line's targeted formulas are meant to increase cell turnover and help combat dryness. "The main differences between face and body are skin thickness, cell turnover rate, and decreased number of oil-producing sebaceous glands on the body vs. on the face," Ally explains. Translation: Since the skin on the body is thicker, cell turnover is slower, and it tends to be duller, drier, and scalier. "We can approach our body's skincare routine specifically targeting these problem areas," she adds.

Exfoliating Butter Body Wash

Exfoliating Butter Body Wash
Nudebody Exfoliating Butter Body Wash $22.00

Like all three items, the cleanser smells of bergamot and lavender, a calming but uplifting combo. The gentle, buttery scrub is made with 40% salt (a mineral-rich natural detoxifier that physically exfoliates) and tangerine butter (a natural source of brightening vitamin C). Glycolic acid (an AHA that penetrates deeper) and salicylic acid (a BHA that works on the skin's surface) play well with papaya extract (a natural enzyme that helps refresh tone and texture) and essential fatty acids that help strengthen the skin barrier.

Resurfacing Body Toner

Resurfacing Body Toner
Nudebody Resurfacing Body Toner $28.00

As expected from a toner, this formula is super lightweight, dries quickly, and has a slightly more pungent scent (thanks to a strong concentration of acids). The main ingredient is a complex of 5% glycolic, 5% lactic, 0.5% salicylic, and 1% citrus fruit acid. "This combination of alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and citrus fruit acids accelerates dead skin sloughing, clarifies pores to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, and smooths skin texture for a brighter and even-toned skin that feels refreshed," Jenny explains.

Peptide BodyCreme

Peptide BodyCreme
Nudebody Peptide BodyCreme $38.00

This whipped body butter is chock full of oils. It's packed with antioxidant-rich yuzu oil (to help refresh and brighten), deeply moisturizing coconut oil (a natural source of fatty acids to protect the skin barrier), and carrot oil rich in vitamin A (to help fight against UV damage). Some gentle exfoliators, like glycolic, salicylic, and a fruit acid complex, are also in the mix, helping to chemically slough off dead skin and improve texture. Lastly, a multi-peptide complex helps build collagen and increases elasticity.

My Review

As someone who prioritizes anti-aging skincare practices, I am all for upping my barely-there body-care routine. Historically I'll do a quick body wash in the shower, then slap on some oil and call it a day. But I'll tell you this: This system was an immediate upgrade. Ingredient-wise, it's clear the team has done their homework, and I'm fully on board with the exfoliating plus hydrating ingredient combo. I'm also not mad at the scent profile, especially since it's all-natural (think essential oils) and not perfumey like so many others. 

The Exfoliating Butter Body Wash Cleanser was, hands down, my favorite of the three just because it feels so unique from other cleansers on the market. The bright yellow formula (thanks to the tangerine butter) comes in a convenient squeeze-y tube and has a wet grainy texture that's not super abrasive. Since the crystals are made of salt, they melt away gently with warm water. The lather factor is major. With just a few circular motions, the butter turns into a gentle white foam that covers a lot of areas. It rinses off easily with no residue. 

I'm into the idea of applying toner to your face and body, so I was excited to try the Resurfacing Body Toner. Instead of using a cotton pad, I found it easiest to shake a few droplets directly on my palms and massage them onto my skin. It's gentle enough to use every day, ideally at night, but I incorporated this step maybe twice a week. And if I'm too lazy to do my whole body, I'll do just my hands, elbows, knees, and chest. If it came in a quick and easy spray bottle, I could definitely see myself using it more often. Also, a pro tip: don't apply directly to freshly shaven legs; it'll sting a little. 

The Peptide BodyCreme is icing on the cake—it's a thick, non-pasty whipped butter that effortlessly melts right into your skin. If I'm using the whole system, I like to let the toner fully dry (it can feel a little sticky if I don't) before slathering on the cream. Sometimes when I skip the toner, I'll go straight for the cream, applying it on damp skin, so it really soaks in. I like that all three scents are uniform, so they layer nicely.

Bottom line: If your bodycare routine needs revamping, this Nudebody trio won't disappoint you. As long as you're willing to put a little extra time into your post-shower regimen, you'll absolutely notice a difference in tone and texture with regular use.

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