30 Nude Nail Designs to Wear All Year Long

Make a bold statement with these neutral colors.

french manicure


If you're thinking about your next manicure, we'd almost bet that nude polish is not on your mind. As popular as neutral clothing is, oftentimes people opt for a touch more color on their nails, letting the small area be home to their boldest beauty statement.

While that's all well and good, we can't help but swoon over some of the nude nail designs we've been seeing on Instagram lately—and we have a feeling you'll feel the same. From starry details to matte finishes, ahead you'll find 30 nude nail designs worth considering for your next nail appointment.

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Chic Dots

Nude Nail Design with Dots manicure


Not ready to go full nude? This manicure features light gray tips and a clean line of white dots to subtly jazz up the neutral base. Use a small tool (or even try nail stickers) to get the circles perfectly round and uniform in shape.

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Chanel Chic

Nude Nail Designs with Chanel logo


Sure, nude looks demure all on its own, but add a tiny white Chanel logo pattern and your nails will look classically chic. This is a look that can be replicated with any favorite logo, or a different design altogether (we think tiny lips or hearts would be equally chic).

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Iridescent Nude

nude nail manicure with iridescent finish


Sometimes a nude nail design doesn't need to feature lines and dots to stand out. Here, it all comes down to the iridescent topcoat. Think Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails.

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Nude Gradient

Nude Nail Designs Gradient


Here's the easiest nude gradient in the book. Why? Because you can own every color featured by purchasing Olive & June's Pink Sweater Kit ($40).

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Pastel Nudes

pastel nude manicure


These cool-toned nude nails give us pastel vibes despite being neutrals. In other words, they're pretty as can be—especially with that nail shape. We love the coffin shape on a minimalist manicure like this, as it adds some extra emphasis.

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Half and Half

Nude Nail Designs Half and Half


We're suckers for negative space manicures, making these crisp clear-and-nude nails a favorite in our book. To replicate the look, go for a French tip but with a much heavier tip, where the shape is more asymmetric and it covers half the nail.

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Rose Gold Strips

Nude Nail Designs Rose Gold Stripes


Rose gold is the shinier sister to nude, making these simple striped nails a fun take on monochromatic nail art. Ask your nail artist for a simple stripe down the middle—and make it in gold or silver for added punch.

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Glitter Stars

nude manicure with silver stars


Here's a star manicure worth considering if nude nails are on the brain. With only the slightest peek of stars on one nail (in this case: the ring finger), they're more understated than some of the other options.

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Abstract Stripes

Nude Nail Designs Abstract Stripe


If nude is too neutral for your taste, spruce it up with a couple of red abstract lines. All it takes to create the look is your favorite nude polish, a bold red shade, and a toothpick to carefully draw the lines.

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Glitter Polka Dots

glitter polka dot nude manicure


These glitter polka dot nails remind us of confetti and good times—what's not to love about that? For this fun look, keep the base of the nail nude and glossy, adding sparkled dots for a contrast in both texture and color.

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Daisies for Days

Nude Nail Designs Daisies


Ready to get excited? You can DIY this adorable floral nail look thanks to Olive & June and their Loveliest Day Nail Stickers ($8). Try the look by relegating the stickers to just one nail, or add them to two, as seen here.

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Mother of Pearl

nude nail mother of pearl manicure


These sparkly nails will look nude in some lights and holographic in others. As you might have guessed, they'll require professional skill to create.

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Negative Nudes

Nude Nail Designs Negative Space


You don't have to cover your entire nail in color to create a head-turning nude manicure. Just look at this glossy, glitter-topped nail look. Here, all of the colors are varying shades of nude, with the real pop coming in the form of the glittery gold topper.

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Outer Space

nude nail outer space manicure


These sheer nude nails are dainty and ethereal, making us want to copy them stat. The trick is to apply a single coat of sheer nude color as the base, so it doesn't look too opaque.

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Floral Enamor

Nude Nail Designs Floral


We don't know about you, but we're enamored by these floral nude nails. While the design is delicate, the intricacy is sure to stand out. Rather than adding the floral design to every nail, try going half-and-half, or just adhering the floral stickers to the ring or pointer fingers.

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Abstract Doodles

Nude Nail Designs Abstract Faces


How cute are these abstract silhouettes? Their minimalist nature and artful design give us French vibes. Replicate the look with a toothpick dipped in white polish, or try any contrasting color of your choice.

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Oil Slick Strips

Nude Nail Designs Oil Slick Strips


We love the contrast of this nude nail design. Best of all, it's easy to DIY so long as you have a roll of oil slick-inspired striping tape. Run a stripe of contrasting color (we love something high-gloss or sparkly) down the center of each nail to replicate the look.

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Matte Masterpiece

Nude Nail Designs Matte


Just because you want to rock nude nails doesn't mean you can't add other neutrals to the mix. Case in point: these black-and-nude nails that look marvelous with a matte finish.

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Dotted Details

dotted nail nude manicure


Don't overthink your nude nail design. You can create a stylish manicure with a coat of color on each nail and a contrasting dot at each cuticle. Note that here the nails are all done in varying minimalist, nude shades.

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Black and White Tips

Nude Nail Designs Black and White Tips


Another way to add black and white into your nude nail design is with this French-tip manicure. Of course, you can copy the same design with bolder, brighter colors, too.

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Leopard Tips

Nude Nail Designs Leopard Tips


If you prefer longer nails, check out these leopard almond tips. They're the perfect way to embrace an animal print if you don't want it to feel too loud.

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Glittery Gradient

glittery gradient nude manicure


It's no secret that we love gradient nails. While color alone can make quite a statement, this manicure idea takes it up a notch with a glitter finish.

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High Contrast

Nude Nail Designs High Contrast


Ease into the nude nail trend by designating the edge of each nail for a bold pop of color. Just keep in mind that this particular manicure will likely require a steady hand to recreate.

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Shattered Nude

shattered nude nail manicure


These nude and rose gold nails make us think of shattering glass and the Japanese custom of sealing cracks with gold to celebrate the healed brokenness (Kintsugi). Talk about a beautiful nail idea.

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Moody Moment

Nude Nail Designs Gradient


If your entire nail is the same color, you have a crisp nude nail look ready for any situation. Instead, this warm-toned gradient mani is begging to be worn out on the town.

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Starry Statement

Nude Nail Designs Stars


If you love the idea of star nails but don't want to go all out with color and larger designs, consider this itty-bitty nude approach. Here, contrasting stars are placed at the bottom of each nail, with the rest of the design kept simple and square in shape.

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Patriotic Dots

Nude Nail Designs Red White and Blue Dots


We love a nail look that's as pretty as it is easy to create. Start with a nude base and use a toothpick or dotting tool dipped into the colors of your choice to create this same design.

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Nude Diagonals

Nude Nail Designs Diagonal Cushnie et Ochs


We're taken by these diagonal nude nails that made their runway debut back in 2017 at the Cushnie et Ochs show at New York Fashion Week. We love the shape, which helps elongate the hands and keeps the vibe feeling fresh and abstract.

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Artsy Stars

Nude Nail Designs Artsy Stars


Another star manicure has our hearts, who would've guessed? While this might be difficult to DIY, remember: Practice makes perfect. Alternately, try nail stickers, which are easy to apply.

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Mini Black French

Nude Nail Designs Black French Tips


French manicures are having a major moment this year, and this thin black version is sure to be a hit. Wear it as is or pair with additional nail art on a few statement nails.

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