The Best Nude Lipsticks for Women of Color



Felicia Walker Benson has been blogging since 2006, pouring her heart and soul into her passion for beauty. Walker Benson, who serves as editor in chief for top-rated beauty blog ThisThatBeauty, is a highly sought-after authority in the industry. She has appeared on TV programs like the Today show and in beauty publications such as Allure, Ebony, and Marie Claire. Each month, Walker Benson gives Byrdie readers tips and recommendations on the best in hair and beauty for women of color. If it’s happening in beauty, Felicia is on it—with red lips in tow!

Finding the right nude is one of the biggest lip color challenges known to (wo)man. For women of color, picking your perfect nude can be particularly perplexing. What is typically characterized as “nude” appears ashy or too stark against richly pigmented skin tones. What do we want? Gorgeous, skin-mimicking nudes. When do we want them? Now! Read on as I share seven nudes that work for a wide variety of darker skin tones.

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