In Case You Missed It: "Nude" Makeup Isn't One Shade Fits All

"Nude" lipstick conjures up a different image for everyone. There's an endless array of nudes that can match your natural coloring; you may want to blend in or stand out; and there are simply differences in what feels "nude" from one person to another based on their makeup preferences. That's why we're dubbing this lip trend "the new nude." The definition: anything you want it to be. Whether you lean toward pinkish hues, caramel tones, or even mauve nudes, this look will complement it. The key—using products that enhance rather than cover up, like our favorites from Estée Lauder.

Read on for more tips for creating a nude makeup look you'll love.

This look is so pretty and neutral that it can go anywhere you do.

Tell us: What's your version of nude? Find yours at Estée Lauder.

Photographer: James Houston
Stylist: Julie Matos
Hair: Rick Gradone
Makeup: Glorio Noto