If Kim's Instagram Is Any Indication, Nude Lip Gloss Is 2018's It Trend

For the past couple of years, we've been riding the matte lip train with no real intention of getting off. Whenever we thought of lip gloss, we automatically reminisced about all the times our middle school selves rushed to the local drugstore to snatch up those potent fruit-scented clear tubes (my personal fave was orange flavor ICYWW) that made our lips look like we dipped them in baby oil. Lip glosses were a nice throwback and that's where we thought they were meant to stay.

But, of course, leave it to Kim Kardashian West to bring back a product that we believed to never make a full, chic comeback with just one Insta. Apart from her usual killer highlight game, we couldn't help but be super envious of her nude lip gloss. Shiny without being overpowering and the perfect shade of nude for her medium skin tone, we're calling it now: Nude lip gloss will be a trend we'll be seeing more of in 2018. We've rounded up our favorite formulas and nude shades to give you options for your next lip purchase. Scroll through to see our picks.