How This One Makeup Product Can Replace 8 Others

When I was clearing the clutter off my vanity a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a nude eyeliner had somehow taken up residence in the repurposed Diptyque candleholder where I store all my daily makeup must-haves. It certainly didn’t belong there, as I had never really used it before. But as I reached to toss it into storage with the rest of my beauty “reserves,” I took pause—and suddenly found myself swiping it all over my face.

I traced my waterlines and watched my eyes open up instantaneously. The pencil I have is just a hair lighter than my natural skin tone, so I began using it where I normally would a highlighter—along my brow bones, my Cupid's bow, the bridge of my nose. It was almost too easy. I live for multitaskers, so how could I have missed this?

Needless to say, I returned the liner to its rightful place with the rest of my essentials, and I’ve used it every day since, finding new applications for it all the time. See eight of them below.

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