According to Meghan Markle, This Under-the-Radar Hair Brand Is "Life-Changing"

Meghan Markle's new favorite haircare brand
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We're not sure what we find more fascinating—the fact that there's a hot haircare line on the market that Meghan Markle (and other celebrities like Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie) has crowned "life-changing" or the fact that we confirmed the Duchess of Sussex still, indeed, texts. (Hey, we know we're not the only ones curious about every in and out of royal life.) But back to that allegedly life-changing haircare line. It's called N:P Beautiful, it's the brainchild of celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, it boasts a total of 13 products altogether (including three lusty, rose-gold-dipped styling tools), and it's infused with a super-ethereal melding of strand-saving ingredients. (Think high-quality goods like royal jelly, wild ginger stem cells, lotus flower and lotus root extract, yerba santa flower leaf stem extract, and hydrolyzed jojoba esters.)

Key Ingredients

Royal jelly is a term used to describe creamy white secretions that come from the throat glands of honeybees. It hydrates, increases collagen production, promotes wound healing, and fights inflammation.

Additionally, the line is entirely plant-based and free of sulfates and parabens to nurture stressed strands and help hair to rejuvenate and repair in the most natural way possible. However, unlike some other naturally inclined hair brands that talk the talk but ultimately can't walk the walk, Babaii's collection seems to meet all of our own high-standard criteria in addition to that of Hollywood (and British) royalty. In fact, Meghan Markle reportedly loved N:P Beautiful's volumizing spray so much, she texted Babaii himself to tell him it "changed her life!"  

"The secret is the brand's patent-pending plant-based stem cell formula which includes royal jelly to boost hair growth by unclogging hair follicles and allowing them to absorb vital amino acids, wild ginger to promote hair's fullness and balance moisture to increase natural shine, and wild lotus flower to condition hair, increase volume, elasticity and strength, prevent split ends, and provide bounce and body for healthy-looking hair," explains a representative for the brand. Oh, and she also adds that wild lotus flower is said to nudge melanin synthesis, which may prevent premature aging and graying. 

To check out the entire line for yourself, keep scrolling.

N:P Beautiful Hydrating Shampoo $29.00
N:P Beautiful Hydrating Conditioner $30.00

Sustainably sourced, this mega-moisturizing duo features stem cells, raw lotus root, and rare dry apple extract to smooth and revamp limp, lackluster strands. And if hydration isn't your main concern, the brand also has smoothing and/or volumizing cleansing and conditioner options as well. 

N:P Beautiful Volumizing Dry Shampoo $32.00

For strands that will last well past your second or third day sans sudsing up, this epic volumizing dry shampoo will come in clutch. 

N:P Beautiful Miracle Serum $45.00

Appropriately named, this little bottle of magic will work miracles on each and every hair type, will absorb within seconds, and is enriched with antioxidants from moringa oil to keep hair freshly flawless in even the direst of conditions (a.k.a., crazy weather or too much heat styling). 

N:P Beautiful Volumizing Spray $31.00

Ah! Meghan Markle's absolute favorite, according to reports! Designed to revamp roots with unrecognizable volume, this handy spray enriches strands with plumping raw lotus root. 

N:P Beautiful Beach Spray $27.00

Whether it's summertime IRL or just in your dreams, your hair is probably craving this Himalayan salt–infused spray. With just a couple of quick spritzes, you can extend the look of your day on the beach or even wear the style when (gulp) the temperatures tumble.

Check out the line's gorgeous trio of styling tools! 

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