Your November Beauty Horoscope Is Here, and It's All About Transformation

"Mercury's still retrograde, but we're diving into our process to emerge brighter than ever."


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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using—consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

NOVEMBER: Digging deeper. Mercury's still retrograde, but we're diving into our process to emerge brighter than ever.

November 1–Venus Enters Sagittarius. Moving from transformation to expansion, and so are your products. Try something new, foreign/international—a brand with a story, a mission, and a vision. The products you use, the care that went into them, how they were made can have a significant impact on your skin and wellbeing.

November 12–Full Moon in Taurus. Going more in-depth with your process. How do your products make you feel empowered? Are you open to change? Your skin is an organ too—just as it grows and changes, so do you. Time change up your routine–the cosmos are supporting you to find deeper meaning in how you care for yourself.

November 9–Mars enters Scorpio. Intense, sexy, passionate–think red lipstick and added protection.

November 20–Mercury moves direct, which means that it will no longer be retrograde! But give it a little time to settle. Revisit what works and let the rest go now that you're clearer and more intimate with your products, internal process, and others.

November 22–The Sun enters Sagittarius, and it's officially Sagittarius Season! Shining a light on where we have a vision, our sights set high, and becoming more idealistic about where life's headed. Remember that the possibility of Sagittarius season is just what we needed to bring in the holiday cheer! Side note: today marks the beginning of the ending of a Sagittarius cycle, as Jupiter will soon be making its way into Capricorn.

November 24–An auspiciously charged day to take action as Venus and Jupiter meet overhead in Sagittarius. A time to take a calculated risk based on your new-found clarity. This could be as simple as exploring a skin routine or booking that flight you've been thinking about.

November 25–Venus moves into the sign Capricorn. And things like strategy, status, and commitment, for the most part, feel more comfortable.

November 26–New Moon in Sagittarius, adding to the Sagittarius portal that will catapult us into manifestation.

November 27–Neptune Direct. All eyes wide open. Whenever any planet comes out of retrograde, it takes a little bit to get used to the change in pace. Neptune governs connectedness, and when we are to enmeshed in any process, person or thinking, confusion persists. Neptune coming out of its retrograde journey is about giving everything room and space to breathe in order to understand their deeper meaning (not surface).

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Scorpio: Happy Birthday! Your greatest asset is leading through empowerment. You know intimacy better than anyone—what it means to truly dig deep into the underbelly of life, to go at it, to defend your process. The Full Moon on November 16 signifies that you're bringing the focus back to you, to your relationship to money, and self-worth. You deserve head-to-toe love this season.

Your Product: Indulge in the Seaweed Soak by Ayla Beauty and take some time for yourself.

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Sagittarius: Focus on being the visionary that you are—share your experience with others; November 24, 25, and 26 are all big days for you particularly. Like Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and New Moon will be the crescendo for your round of applause, as Jupiter moves from your sign into Capricorn, where you start to see a return on the past four years of your life.

Your Product: Kosas' 10-Second Liquid Eye Shadow in the vibrant blue shade Nitrogen to support you in your magnetic flow.

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Capricorn: “Behind the scenes” might be the title for your memoir now. The Full Moon in Taurus is a fun one, related to your ability to have quality fun. November is the last month before Jupiter moves into your sign, which will literally (with the support of the Eclipses) be life-changing. As for your skin, extra moisture from the inside out is best.

Your Product: MyHavtorn Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil—ingestible beauty to help your skin glow.

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Aquarius: Perhaps it's travel that is expanding your mind into the deeper crevices of your mind, or maybe it’s letting you clear the intensity of your upbringing. This month is focused on allowing family matters to be let go and streamlining the way that you are out in the world—through work, your reputation, by means of being yourself. The Full Moon on November 12 + Mercury Retrograde is realigning you to your most authentic nature. Expect growing pains.

Your Product: BioRecept Lumiere de Peau, a unique detox mask to brighten your vantage point. 

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Pisces: More directly related to this Mercury Retrograde, your plans to travel might not be all their cracked up to be, so rely on your feelings more than a tangible promise. You are connecting dots in the least suspecting places—go with it. You need lustrous, magnetic, colors this month. The New Moon on November 26 test your faith, but put you even more in the spotlight. Focus on products that make you feel like the priestess you are.

Product: Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette has all the colors you need to make a statement this month.

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Aries: The Full Moon on November 12 is about letting go of your stronghold on finances. Sometimes, prosperity is about sharing with others—moving into what real prosperity means, material, spiritual, and all. The New Moon on November 29 is in perfect alignment with your goals. This means taking that class, studying more, jumping on the last minute opportunity so that you are more confident and prepared.

Product:  Ellis Brooklyn Body Milk in Verb. This zesty scent mix and hydration is precisely what you need in November. 

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Taurus: Relationship balance is your theme in November. Intimacy proves to be more fulfilling than even you could have anticipated. Sometimes it's about finding empowerment through the discomfort. The Full Moon on November 12 in your sign means that you're letting go of rigidity. Jupiter finishing up its cycle in Sagittarius this month, bringing in last-minute financial surprises.

Product: This super unique perfume smells different on everyone and mimics your need for emotional depth now.

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Gemini: The New Moon on November 26 supports you to have more adventure and fun in your relationship. Say yes! The Full Moon on November 12 + Mercury Retrograde is bringing your health into focus—sometimes, this means making time for wellness. As the month comes to a close, expect more emotional support.

Product: As a bee, you like life to be sweet and tasty. This delicious Activist Manuka Honey 850+ MGO is where you find total comfort.

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Cancer: To feel wholeheartedly fulfilled, you sometimes need to know what you truly want before you can ask others to fulfill that for you—to make you happy. Feeling loved and feeling peaceful comes from you, not others. This month, your focus is on being grateful for what you have and taking responsibility for what you want. The Full Moon on November 12 signifies that you're letting outworn friendships go so that new ones can come into your life.

Product: Les Fleurs de Bach Letting-Go Elixir helps you release old energies.

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Leo: Work and home are your central focus this month. Mercury Retrograde is asking that you make your environment cozier so that it's restorative and healing rather than chaotic. Both the New and Full Moons are screaming for you to have fun, to enjoy all that you do—and are reminding you that you are an invaluable source of light and positivity for those around you. Your skin is begging for more sleep.

Product: This high-quality silk pillowcase protects your hair while you heal your body and mind through more sleep.

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Virgo: You’re having deeper conversations that actually lead to resolution. Think empowerment—ask yourself how you can empower others and how you can feel more empowered. The New Moon + Jupiter in Sagittarius, moving through the home sector of your chart, means that you're refining your living space if you haven't already moved so that next month, you'll be able to play more.

Product: Serenity S5 Cream to help ease your profound mind

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Libra: November is about streamlining your finances and considering that there are better ways to spend your time and money. The New Moon in Sagittarius is gifting you new insight about how to grow and to make the best out of your opportunities. Creative insight and having the courage to follow through is the best form of personal faith that you can cultivate!

Product: Sometimes a little chocolate via Esthechoc is all you need.

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