The Beauty Product You Should Use in November, According to Astrology

Updated 11/03/17
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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using—consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


November is about rebirth and inner beauty. It's about surrendering, looking at what motivates you emotionally—wear dark plums and nudes.

Key dates: November 3 and 4. It's a full moon in Taurus. You'll reawaken your physical desires and make personal sacrifices, letting go of stubbornness to bring things more into balance.

Aries: Sensuality is widely and vaguely understood, but for you, it's something that you feel pretty innately. Like with an impulse, you don't think about it; it's just instinctual. This month is about exploring intimacy on a deeper level and really considering the other person. Intimacy isn't only about sex. It's about sharing yourself emotionally with another person. November asks that you reevaluate the way that you manage your resources, e.g., saving versus spending, giving versus receiving.

Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting $45

A shimmer body dust deepens your sense of connectedness and makes you feel beautiful. Who wouldn't want that?

Thanksgiving: This year will be full of friends and big ideas.

Taurus: You're ruled by Venus, but you're also an Earth sign—this means that you love earthly delights more than most. You know what you want and how you like things, and that doesn't change much, except that when you're in a relationship with someone else, you'll need to consider them. The full moon in your sign this month has you thinking about compromise and feeling how things could be more in balance if you loosened your grip a little.

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Thanksgiving: You may be compelled to work or spend it with co-workers.

Gemini: Health, if we're lucky, is a choice, and this month, Gemini, you'll want to improve your eating habits, start a new workout, kick bad habits such as eating sugar, and focus on mental, spiritual, and emotional health. If your job is annoying you, think about why you're feeling stuck and how you can be more flexible. Chances are it's less about the situation and more about how you're growing. When you're feeling at peace, you'll feel healthier and more beautiful.

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Thanksgiving: You're celebrating in some unusual place or in a more religious or spiritual way. Expect to have your mind stimulated. 

Cancer: Sensuality oozes from you when you're in a creative flow. Everyone is noticing you now, and you're about to gain some form of recognition in November. To what capacity depends on how much you've put yourself out there recently. At the very least, you're a magnet for attention. You work hard, so enjoy it. Make November about getting more deeply in touch with your creative expression and getting lost there. Part of your charm is that you're caring.

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Thanksgiving: A sexy one. Truly, this will a Thanksgiving full of deep feelings.

Leo: You're proud of who you are and take pride in being there for your family. Balancing the energy spent on home and work in November will be a delicate act but necessary to further your ambitions. Work will be there, and you're in a good place. Right now family and home matters need your attention—focusing on what brings you comfort will bring you joy.

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This luxurious bath oil is ideal for keeping you heart-centered and uplifted.

Thanksgiving: It's all about your partner. This Thanksgiving, you're giving to someone close to you.

Virgo: Your beliefs are challenged this month, which can feel unsettling. Remember to breathe and take care of the smaller things that make you feel more at ease. You'll be able to have fun soon—patience is key. Write or share your feelings with others a little more to gain deeper insight into your mind. There will be quite a bit of travel opportunities for you this month. Having your things in order will free you up to go somewhere spontaneously.

Eucalyptus Tonique
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Thanksgiving: It will be healthy and a lot of work. If you're cooking, try to plan for help ahead of time.

Libra: Going deeper into your personal values is necessary for financial success this month. Look at all aspects of your life—financial, spiritual, materially—to see where things are out of balance, and make it a personal goal to rectify the imbalance. November will be about earning more money, but this will only be sustainable if you are thoughtful in how you're spending your money. Valuing yourself is the key to success.

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Thanksgiving: It will be fun. Expect to play games. You might even go on a date, despite it being a family holiday.

Scorpio: The last new moon in Libra, two weeks ago was all about you. Now this month, the full moon in Taurus will insist that you take a closer look at your relationship (business or partner) and give the other person the attention that they deserve. November is your season, sure, but in order to grow, you'll need to take others along with you. With Jupiter, the sun, and Venus entering your sign on the 7th, this month should be one of your best.

Lather Coconut Foaming Body Scrub $22

This coconut scrub will soften any emotional callus still showing up externally so that you can move forward positively and with an open heart.

Thanksgiving: It will be with family, a warm and hearty meal, and more people than usual this year. It seems everyone is RSVP'ing.

Sagittarius: Your subconscious beliefs come to light. Observe and write down your dreams. They'll be wild this month! Each night before bed, you can make a mental note to remember them, and you will. When you wake up, write them down so that you can go look at them when it will all make sense. Many believe our dreams are simply an alternate reality when our spirits are free to wander at night. This month is a deep one full of spiritual exploration. Try signing up for a meditation class.

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A jade or quartz face massager is your perfect November companion.

Thanksgiving: It will involve lots of stimulating conversations happening simultaneously. You might have to drive a little farther, but it'll be worth it.

Capricorn: With the full moon this weekend, Friday and Saturday will be an eye-opener with what you're looking for in a romance. Sometimes we think we have it all figured out, and then one day we decide that maybe we don't. Let November be about connecting with others and really getting to know what makes other people tick. This will not only help you gain more friends, but you'll gain perspective, which is invaluable.

Recherche Beaute Aura Supreme Active Elixir Creme $90

A natural, high-end face moisturizer will be your go-to. Your Capricorn skin is über sensitive and typically dry. Keeping your skin hydrated in November is necessary.

Thanksgiving: It could cost a pretty penny, depending on how you're feeling, but sometimes you like to show off and why not? At the very least, you'll bring a fancy dish and feel good about it.

Aquarius: November is about prioritizing your energy so that you don't burn out. You've been focused solely on work for the past two weeks, and now it's time to turn your attention to your home. Your career will continue to garner attention even if you're not on standby 24/7. You've done a lot lately and need to give yourself some credit. The new moon on the 18th promises some announcement and recognition.

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Thanksgiving: It will have everyone will be interested in you. Wear your favorite silver sequined dress.

Pisces: To you, inner beauty is a lifelong philosophy, just like your astrological counterpart (opposite) Virgo, who believes that everything used should be edible. You're tired of the monotonous details and want to cultivate this philosophy even more. Plan a trip somewhere inspiring you after November 18. During the full moon on November 3/4, you'll want to wrap up all of your mundane chores to free yourself up for more exciting things in the near future.

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A violet fragrance inspires you to keep healthy boundaries.

Thanksgiving: This year will be spiritual and restorative.

If you're looking for more insights like these, you can reserve a reading or monthly counseling session.

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